Tyre warmers for the daily commute

Well, they're lying in my garage and haven't seen any action recently, so...

Ducati's Streetfighter is a serious bit of kit. It's actually perfect for my daily commute, if not, slightly extravagant. It's narrow, nimble and precise. The engine's packing so much punch, you can scythe your way through the tiniest of gaps at a moment's notice.

The Pirelli Diablo III Corsa tyres are impressive too. When leaving my road, I unleash a bit of what the Streetfighter has on offer, which spins them up for a few seconds, but after that, they grip well, even on wet slimy London roads.

However, I've had an idea - and it may be taking things a bit far but - my Motrax GP tyre warmers are getting a dusting off. I want to see what it's like on the opening stages of my commute with oven-hot tyres on. I need to find a Ducati paddock stand first. I'll report back.

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