Stuck for a gift? Solution No3: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki or Kawasaki merchandise

What the Big Four are offering as stocking fillers

After the excesses of KTM and Harley's gifts ranges, Hondas seems tame. But even the sober Japanese firm has a handful of oddities in its line-up.

The Japanese have been accused of imitating in the past, and Honda's incorporation of a baby's dummy in its official accessories catalogue mimics KTM's 'Silencer-System Mini Pro'. But it's a one of the few quirks in an otherwise predictable range of hats, bags, keyrings, umbrellas, belts and pens.

For the truly original biker's Christmas gift, look elsewhere.

Yamaha is a bit wackier when it comes to the gifts section of its catalogue. Who'd have thought that Yamaha-branded flip-flops would have got the green light? Or a Yamaha teddy? However, as you might imagine with the Yamaha name stuck on them, the prices aren't exactly bargain-bin - £9.29 for some flip-flops?

Suzuki is yet another firm to offer a baby's dummy – what is it about those things? And like Yamaha there's a teddy in its range. But weirdest of all is the B-King Glass Cuboid – a glass, er, cuboid, with a 3d image of a B-King etched inside. For £55.56. Why?

Guess what Kawasaki has in its accessories range? Yup, a dummy. And a bear. What's more confusing is the firm's 'Kawasaki Cuddle' – a thing that looks like a donkey wearing riding kit including a helmet. The same character also appears on the company's dining set, which is plastic, incuding the knife and fork, so we're guessing it's for kids. Or perhaps there's just been a sensible decision that people who want a plate, bowl and mug with a Kawasaki-riding donkey printed on them shouldn't be allowed sharp objects.

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