Old bike gets new rubber

Bridgestone Battlax S20 tyres complete recent work to a long(in the tooth)termer

My SRAD might not be latest or greatest bike out there, but it's the only one I've got so I'm rather fond of it. However, the problem with commuting on it every day in the capital was that I had started to take it for granted and it was really showing its age. It'll be a teenager next year after all.

Determined to put that right whilst the sun is still shining, it's recently been given a full service, along with new brake lines and pads. I'll be washing the thing next.

I also managed to find a set of Harris rear sets on eBay recently. Whilst I don't deck the pegs out around the Elephant & Castle roundabout, I do have lanky legs and now find the bike much more comfortable to sit on. After all, it's second nature to adjust the driving seat when in a car, so why shouldn't bikers have the luxury of a little adjustment?

I'd previously had a set of well worn BT-021 sports touring tyres (now superseded by the BT-023) fitted which had been perfect for daily commutes and the occasional motorway trips. I'd only managed one damp (novice) track session on them but hope that I can add a few more track sessions to my belt now that I have a new set of boots fitted to the bike.

Ben was out at Portimao for the Bridgestone S20 tyre launch earlier this year and was impressed by the tyre on track. The S20s are classed as a 'premium sports tyre' designed for riding in all conditions, but with the occasional track session thrown in for good measure. They're a replacement for the BT-016 and certainly a sticky step up from the sports touring tyres I've been using. Hopefully they should be a great fit for me.

I can't wait to run both them and the new brake pads in and get a proper feel for everything but frustratingly, despite the recent cost splashed out on the bike, it's going slower than ever. Well, at least for the next 100 miles that is.

A set of Bridgestone Battlax S20 tyres costs £265 at FWR (fitted) and I was well looked after there. Thanks also goes to Harris for taking the time to locate some spares on a discontinued product.

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