Behind the scenes on a photoshoot

How do you turn a grey day into a magazine shoot? Get a good photographer...

If you read motorcycle magazines - and even road tests on polished websites like this one (!) - you'll be used to seeing pictures of bike journos hamming it up for the camera.

Yes they look slick as they kiss another apex, crest another rise with the front wheel pawing the air (those clichés are TM BIKE magazine by the way). But you don't often get to see anything 'behind the scenes'.

How do you turn a grey overcast day on a fairly straight bit of road into something enticing? Well, you get yourself a decent photographer, like Paul Bryant who can make any monkey like me look half decent and make grey clouds a thing of the past...

So here are a couple of shots from a road test I did yesterday on the KTM RC8R. Check out Paul's static side on of the RC8R below, it's a beaut!

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