Thou shall not tamper

It may not be the catchiest title for a body of people but the European Parliament's Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) might be a title you should try and remember.

This innocuously titled outfit has just voted through their collective recommendations that will now influence the European parliament's crucial vote on anti-tampering legislation, possibly as soon as March 2012.

So what are IMCO suggesting? Well, they think that from 2016 motorcycles will have to become cleaner and manufacturers must put ABS on every kind of powered two wheeler. Yes, even sub-125s.

As from 2014 they also want measures to prevent 'powertrain modifications' (the details of which are still being thrashed out) and anyone guilty of undertaking alterations will have to ‘present their bikes for inspection’ when carrying out 'substantial modifications'.

IMCO's vote is a reference and recommendation for the final vote of the European Parliament.

With regard to powertrain modifications, IMCO suggest measures for manufacturers to prevent modifications. Additionally IMCO added a new article 18a which requires that users seek inspection and approval "by the competent authorities" in case of substantial powertrain modifications. "A modification is deemed to be substantial when it renders the original type approval obsolete" or when it harms safety or the environment.

Pessimistically, ABS is going to add a lot of money to smaller machines and anti-tamper motorcycles are going to be disastrous for the after market performance/customizing industry.

Looking on the bright side though, we predict a burgeoning anti-anti-tamper industry… 

Special massive thanks to Jeff Stone at the BMF for the translating services. If you think nobody's doing anything about all this, think again. Those BMF people are doing all they can to make sure we get a fair deal.

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