Brands Hatch: A weekend of calamity

First race of the season doesn't go to plan. They never do.

From the moment we had to park on the slope in the outer paddock at Brands, I should have known the weekend would be an uphill struggle.

Let's cut straight to the chase: I got taken out at the first corner in Race 1. It's one of those things. Someone, I'm not sure who, swerved from the right, across the track to the left, taking my front wheel with them. There was little I could do. Series newcomer, but experienced racer Ben Broadway tipped off behind me. Hearing a bike go down is a nasty sound but seeing it coming after you is even worse!

Mr Broadway's 848 tried to mate with me in the gravel trap. Result? A white Arai plastered with half a Pirelli and a knackered neck.

So that's all the moaning out of the way. I want to talk about the positives.

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