1.5litre V8 two-stroke

Yes, that makes a great deal of sense

I don't know about you but I've yet to ride anything with two wheels and an engine that I didn't enjoy in one form or another.

From minimotos to 1800 Goldwings, there's always some fun to be had even if it is just the novel experience that makes you grin. I am not one for a pidgeonhole, that's for sure. My lottery win garage would be a super-ecclectic mix of everything from ice speedway bikes to classic Lambrettas and everything in between.

Bikes that truly frighten me have always held a certain appeal, though. For that reason, a special place is still reserved for the ferocious four-cylinder Yamaha TZ750. I remember, vividly, being in a dyno room with one. We were doing sixth-gear, full throttle loadings on an ancient water brake and every time this particular TZ750 hit its powerband the front wheel would try and smash itself into the dyno cell roof. It took two tie downs to surpress it. Amongst the noise and all the smoke, it was quite a spectatcle. For the record, it made 141bhp...

The last TZ750 I raced doubled its horsepower in the space of just 250rpm. You notice that kind of powercurve when it's raining and your powering down Craner Curves on five year old tyres.

So what must two TZ750s grafted together to make a 1500cc V8 be like? I cannot imagine the ferocity or, indeed, why anyone would hatch such a plan.

These pics of this home-brewed TZ750-based dragster were unearthed on the web. I am keen to know more. Where is this bike now? Who are the psychopaths behind it? And what did it sound like at full-chat? 

Does anyone out there have any answers?

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