Silverstone MotoGP: Gee, thanks BBC...

Great coverage, just one small problem..

Now call me a luddite but I don't have Sky TV, or any of that. Just a TV, with Freeview; I hardly watch any telly.

So today I tell my Twitter followers that Silverstone qualifying is on the BBC Red Button, then settle down to watch the MotoGP myself. It's all going well, I like Matt Roberts' commentary on the 125s, don't really dig Charlie Cox and Steve Parrish flirting with each other during the MotoGP but, you don't have much choice.

So with a couple of minutes to go, Cox announces that Freeview viewers are going to get cut off 'in a minute'. I look at the timing screen and think 'he can't be serious' and then just as the clock hits 00:00 and the riders enter their final lap to firm up the grid for Sunday's race, the BBC cuts the feed and switches to the F1 in Canada.

Holy shit Cox, you weren't joking! Cue F1 scenes from Canada for the practice session, not the qualifying. General waffle and ramblings ensue for a good minute - time we could have spent watching the pay-off for the 40 minutes of MotoGP qualifying we've taken time out to watch.

What a massive own-goal from the BBC. I'm sure it was the decision of a faceless nobody that we'll never know about, but someone knows who made that decision and I'd love to hear the reasoning behind that one...

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