It's a 30 you bunch of b@stards!

Man paints sign. Council get angry.

When Tim Backhouse painted this massive 30mph sign on the side of his house, I thought he'd done a great job.

Pissed off with speeding lorries and other vehicles, he contacted Devon County Council to ask them to put traffic calming measures, signs or a speed camera in place but they didn't do anything, infact they didn't even respond.

So the self-employed builder painted the huge 30mph sign which is roughly the size of a double-decker bus (or 1/18th of a football pitch or 1/40000000000th the size of Wales).

But in typical Great British style, the council then paid Mr Backhouse a visit inform him that his work of art fell foul of planning regulations.

He should have got Banksy to paint it..

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