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Is the Honda Big Ruckus cool?

I'm happy to admit that I'm a little bit different; I believe that brown is an underused colour in motorcycling and we need to move on from custom café racers and introduce a dustbin fairing craze - you know I'm right.

So, as Ben Cope - known around the Visordown office for being rather stubborn - and I were looking over various scooters on the 'net we uncovered the above machine, Honda's Big Ruckus 250. Instantly I thought that the Big Ruckus was absolutely cool, whereas Ben likened it to a 'mobility scooter'.

The scoot is the big brother to the 50cc Ruckus, better known on these shores as the Zoomer. It was only sold in Japan (where it was called a PS250), USA and Canada.

But what is it that attracts me to this beastly scooter? I guess it's the industrial tubing of the frame and the all-out Japanese oddity of it. Obviously it'd need some work, like tearing off the back-rest/pillion seat but I'm on to a winner.

I think I'm going to be on my own here, so I should probably don some virtual armour to deflect the abuse and flack. Unleash the comments...

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