My dream bike for 2013: The KTM 250GPR

KTM's £45,000 GP replica

I never really know when I’m asked what my dream bike would be but should Camelot shine on me this Saturday I know what I want at the moment, the KTM250GPR.

At around £45,000 and with only 49bhp the Austrian firms over the counter Moto 3 racer for 2013 might not sound that appealing but I beg to differ. For starters they look stunning so I’d never get bored of looking at it in my garage but the technical spec and potential fun of taking one to a race track is what really turns me on.

Far from being some motocross engine shoehorned into a steel trellis frame the 250GPR is just a small step down from Sandro Cortese’s world championship winning Moto 3 machine. As you’d expect being a state of the art GP machine the chassis and suspension is totally adjustable however, the high tech 250cc single cylinder motor and electronics package is even more impressive. Traction control, a pit lane limiter, a quick shifter plus full chassis and engine logging is available for your enjoyment but service intervals will be decided on how high you set your top rpm. 14,000rpm will be your max but if you choose a 13,000rpm top end the mileage between rebuild could be doubled. I guess that one might depend on how lucky you were with the lotto numbers.

Unlike big sports bikes, at around 85kg you would have no trouble at flicking her around at tight twisty tracks and the GP spec slipper clutch would mean you could probably beat anyone into and around hairpins. On the fast stuff it would be a case of staying tucked in and keeping her pinned to reach the 130mph + top speed.

It’s probably unlikely myself or anyone else will show up with one of these on a track day soon but it is always nice to dream.

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