Video: Blade sixth gear roll-on

From tick-over

I'm pretty clear what I want from my Blade. In stock trim it's awesome but for how I use it it could be better still in a couple of key areas.

Rule one: No full system or slip-on end can. I think it's noisy enough as it is and the stock pipe looks better than any after-market item I've seen except the Taylormade set up (but that's way too noisy for what I want). I speed but I like to do my speeding covertly, or as covertly as possible.

Rule two: A 175mph top speed is pretty immaterial to me. Acceleration and crisp throttle response are way more important. 

It's for the above reasons I've decided that the biggest two mods I'm going to do (have done) are to sort the fuelling out with a Power Commander Five and some dyno time. Lastly I've dropped the gearing by one tooth off the front sprocket and converted from the standard 535 chain to a Tsubaki 520 to reduce the inertia. More on that later.

This video - done on a stretch of private road, ahem - is to highlight the difference the Power Commander work has made to the full-throttle fuelling on the Blade. It's taken in sixth gear where, if you take your hands off the throttle, it will now chug along at tickover in sixth gear (17mph-ish). You can then wind the throttle to the stop and it'll pull cleanly and strongly all the way to the redline. I tried this before the work was carried out and it'd pink and detonate so much it'd misfire and sporadically run on two or three cylinders. The difference, as you can see from the video is as clear as night and day.

But it's the part throttle fueling that has made the biggest difference but sadly, that's not the sort of characteristic that lends itself to video.

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