Video: 180bhp N2O injected Vincent

Just a whiff of Burt Munro?

The Greek God Epithemeus - the name of this three-wheeled, 180bhp Vincent record breaker - was the brother of Prometheus.

Epithemeus (meaning afterthought) was the creator of many dangerous, ill thought-out beasts. Unlike his dilligent brother, Epithemeus was a bit of a f**kwit who threw everything at his powerful new animal creations with little thought of the consequences. A perfect name, then.

This short video (thanks,Tom) is a gem. It captures the mad eccentricity of old (enough to know better) men in boiler suits doing stupid things in ridiculously well-equipped workshops. For me, it captures the very essence of crackpot-Britain and totally encapsulates the consequences of devoting your whole life to motorbikes, tuning and development. And the effects of breathing in too many noxious fumes.

Check the dyno run with the nitrous bottle taps opened and admire the total abscence of any braided hosing - just flalred copper tubing for these boys. Watch the flames spit from the open exhausts.

Vincents were never meant to make this kind of power but don't you think it's fabulous that they can - if you put your mind and your whole life to it? 

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