Craig Vetter wants better economy. And grocery space

If you were a child of the seventies, you may remember Craig Vetter’s name from his previous work as a stylist (Triumph Hurricane) or his huge fairing business, Vetter Fairings. 

Since then, the 69 year-old industrial designer has become obsessed by fuel consumption - or rather highlighting how poor motorcycles are delivering impressive figures. He originally ran a series of fuel challenges in the eighties and now the economy has taken a nose dive, he has resurrected the competition, figuring that the time is now right to highlight these issues again. According to Vetter, three of every four American gallons of petrol is imported – reason enough to devote his time to raising awareness.

This (above) is his home-made stream liner and the next Craig Vetter fuel challenge takes place on May 4th at the Quail Motorcycle gathering at Carmel in California.

There's no doubting that current motorcycle aerodynamics are dreadful but I'm not sure I’d fancy Vetter's bike in the gales we’ve been having recently…

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