848 build blog: 28 days to go

It's looking good, but the clock's ticking

What a difference a week makes. Rick and Nigel at JHP have been busy; new swingarm protector and sharkfin has been fitted, supplied by The Carbon King - I've not seen the bike - in the flesh - yet, so haven't inspected the carbon fibre but it looks great in the photos.

The rearsets are JHP's own. Having seen them at the start of last season, I really wanted a set but couldn't justify buying them when I already had some. But crashing last year meant the old ones needed replacing. Every cloud and all that..

I've spent less money buying a car than I've spent on these rearsets but they are the business: amazingly well machined and they also flip up. Touch wood I don't put them to the test. You can see them on JHP's website.

Carbon fibre sprocket cover is also from The Carbon King. I didn't touch the front sprocket last season to change gearing, so figure a cover won't get in the way and makes the bike look that bit better.

Nigel's sorted out the selector arm that I damaged during the Silverstone highside. That's all fixed now, cover and casing back on, ready to roll.

I've also replaced the standard bike's coolant hoses with a Samco set, supplied by Racebikebitz. The benefits are that they're tougher, so less likely to split in a crash and they also bypass the thermostat. This means the coolant can flow better and the bike won't get so hot when at a standstill. Waiting (at the back) of the grid is bad enough, but when you feel like you're sat on a very expensive water heater, one that might go pop at any minute, it's a bit distracting.

You can see the true blueness of those Samco hoses in this shot. I've also gone for JHP's clip-ons which Nigel has setup to be further forward and thus wider than what I was running last season.

The forks, which used a K-Tech 25mm cartridge kit, have been rebuilt with fresh oil and different springs, as I'd popped a fork seal in my crash. Amazing how much damage a highside does - and that was only a small one.

If only my kitchen was as clean as this. And had as many motorcycles in it.

The 1199 Panigale S in the background is their Superstock 1000 bike. Suddenly my 848 doesn't look quite as trick - or desirable.

Wet slipper clutch installed, new oil and filter. New front brake lines, supplied by Hel and the same as I ran last season. That braking setup is awesome, you couldn't ask for more - adjustable Accossato brake lever is scratched but did indeed flip up during my spill and not snap. Nothing a bit of sandpaper and someblack paint won't sort...

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