848 build blog: 11 days to go

First shakedown at Brands

At the end of last season when Rick Hackett agreed to fettle my 848, I'm not sure he was prepared for the huge influx of riders to the championship in 2012. Up from around 20 to 35 - quite a few of them dumped their bike up at JHP late in the day, kind of like I did. Sorry.

Well Rick and Nigel pulled out all the stops to get me to Brands last Thursday for a first outing on the old, but new bike. I've learned that buying parts from the USA might be cheaper but takes at least 5 times longer than you'd think they would to get here. That was the major hold-up.

The bike feels like a different animal to last year, thanks to loads of small changes but they all add up. Having a straight rear wheel helps too, but Rick's altered my suspension a fair bit from last season and it has made the bike so much easier to get into corners and a lot less work to keep it on line.

No idea what times I was doing around Brands as it was just an Easytrack trackday and therefore no timing allowed but hopefully I'm not a million-miles off the pace, although I'll be the wrong side of 50 seconds, no doubt. Rome wasn't built in a day!

All that's left to do now is get the fairings painted and stick the sponsor's stickers on. Oh, what do you mean I don't have any?

11 days 'til the first round. hopefully the paint will have dried in time..

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