Venhill has made its throttle cables available for two-stroke dirt bikes from KTM and Husqvarna, offering a direct replacement from the OEM cable.

Suzuki has announced the dates and locations for its 2023 'summer test ride roadshow' with the bike selection including Suzuki's new 776cc twins.

MotoFest Coventry is set to return in 2023, following its 2022 postponement, and is scheduled to run on the first weekend of June.

A custom Indian FTR is set to be the result of a collaboration between Indian Motorcycle, Sideburn magazine, and Cheetah Custom Cycles.

Motorcycle parking charges introduced in February are set to be challenged by the Greater London Motorcycle Action Group in a meeting next Monday.

Greenwashing is the act of claiming a product to be carbon neutral when its production and manufacture may be anything but

Sur-Ron, the manufacturer of electric bikes out of China, is trying to liven up city commutes with convenient and enjoyable motorcycles.

A survey by the motorcycle organisation FEMA has found that motorcyclists are most considerate commuters

Spada has launched its 2023 collection of motorcycle gear. The British brand's range for this year covers jackets, trousers, jeans, helmets and more.

Super Soco has been bought out by the Vmoto Soco Group, and will be renamed "Vmoto Soco UK" in an effort from the manufacturer to increase stability.

After concern was raised by classic motorcycle owners, the National Motorcyclists Council has obtained clarification on Congestion Charge rules.

Fourgeaud was the man behind Mash Motorcycles and also SIMA which imported Royal Enfield, Moto Morini and Hyosung into France

Born into a motorsport family, the artist Rachael Clegg stars in the images which depict iconic moments from the history of motorsport

A video has emerged online over the weekend showing an ambulance emerging on-track in the middle of a motorcycle race in the US.

Yamaha has announced an investment in Andes, a US-based startup researching carbon capture technology, as the first investment from its Sustainability Fund.

Just a month after the EU effectively rubber-stamped the petrol ban, six European member states are back peddling in opposition to banning internal combustion cars and vans

The speed camera app could soon be capturing speeding motorists, recording dangerous driving and then sending the evidence on to the police

Energica and its parent company Ideanomics have teamed up with Phenix Air Corp and Pure Flight to develop all-electric light aircraft

LiveWire has announced its European arrival, with deliveries of the LiveWire One expected to begin in April in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, and France.

Ducati has announced a record year in 2022 for its revenue, which exceeded €1 bn for the first time, while its operational profit rose 77% compared to 2021.

Suzuki has confirmed the dates for Suzuki Live 2023, which will take place at Cadwell Park in July, with on-track, road, and off-road elements.

River Indie is an electric scooter offering strong storage capabilities, reasonable performance, and electric commuting convenience at an affordable price.

Energica has announced the first arrival of its bikes to Japan, Pakistan, and Australia, with New Zealand expected to receive its first Energica bikes soon.

Ducati has revamped its factory and museum tours, including a new partnership with Lamborghini and the supercar manufacturer's own museum.

The latest Ducati communication device, the Ducati Communication System V3 by Cardo, has been launched, and is available in Ducati dealers.