The world's fastest fire engine

New Nurburgring Rapid Response Vehicle will be helping to mop up the post-spill carnage that's part and parcel of a day at the' Ring

With a lap-record time of 7m26s, Nissan's R35 Skyline has been causing quite a stir and many a pant-wetting moment in the car world. Now the operators of the Nordschleife have introduced an R35 Skyline as their Rapid Response Vehicle.

This stripped out, R35 features bucket-seats, a rollcage and a massive fire-extinguisher tank where the rear seats would normally be. In the boot sits various bits of safety kit including a full fire hose that connects to the massive tank (note the GANT jumper in the boot too, just incase someone's having a fashion disaster as well as a driving one).

So if you see this bad-boy circulating the 'Ring at a decent lick, we'd advise you to steer clear. You don't want to overtake it down a straight on your GSX-R1000, only to plough into the burning wreckage that the R35's on its way to sort out...

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