Motorcyclist is saved by the Emergency SOS function of an Apple Watch

A motorcyclist is involved in a hit and run in Singapore, but when he’s knocked unconscious his Apple Watch comes to the rescue, calling emergency services.

Apple Watch Emergency SOS saves motorcyclist

Technology can come in handy in the most peculiar ways sometimes. In this case, an Apple Watch was able to crucially step in to help a motorcycle rider who was knocked out in an incident with a van, described as a hit and run by Fitri himself.

In Singapore, Muhammad Fitri, was involved in an accident with a van that proceeded to immediately flee the scene, leaving Fitri unconscious with his bike - but thanks to his Apple Watch, the emergency services were automatically called to his location so that he could receive immediate treatment.

The tech gadget also alerted his trusted contact, his girlfriend, who was notified that the emergency services had been called and provided his current GPS location. 

In this case, Fitri made a recovery, and this is in part thanks to the tech feature from Apple - as otherwise it was reported by Mothership that the streets were empty.

Emergency help is called to a motorcycle accident scene - by an Apple Watch!

The feature is found on Apple Watches (Series 4 or later), which are all installed with fall detection as standard. If set up, the watch can automatically call the emergency services and/or a named contact to alert them to a problem. 

In the event of a hard fall (or similar sudden movement) it will display an alert to the user (with the screen, vibrations and sound) to make sure they’re okay. 

If the alert isn’t dismissed after a minute, or movement isn’t detected, it will engage the safety protocols to get help to you. 

More info here on the Apple Watch support page, if you or someone you know could find this interesting. Worth mentioning that other smart watches have similar features.

I’ll also add that the Triumph SOS app does this, without the need for a watch - rather all through your phone. It can contact emergency services directly and instantly, with GPS coordinates and your location.

Is Apple inadvertently creating products that motorcyclists can make use of? The AirTag products were reported as recovering a stolen motorcycle earlier this year!

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