Triumph launch SOS phone app | Motorcycle accident and emergency alert system

Capable of detecting if you've had a motorcycle accident, the Triumph SOS smartphone app will contact local emergency services for you with key information.

Triumph SOS app

TRIUMPH has today launched the Triumph SOS smartphone app, an accredited advanced accident detection (and emergency alerting) system that’ll automatically get the local emergency services directly to you in the event of an accident. 

Tailored for all motorcyclists (not just Triumph owners), the SOS app runs in the background and monitors key sensors in your smartphone to detect (and validate) an accident - whether traffic accident, off-road fall or other accident where you may be seriously injured.

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If the system detects patterns consistent with a crash, it’ll follow a unique validation process before calling the local emergency services directly, all working in mere seconds to get help to you as soon as possible - sending your GPS location, the direction of travel, bike details & medical information.

Triumph SOS - Seconds Save Lives

In event of a potential accident, the Triumph SOS validation process will kick in to monitor if there is any ongoing movement to cancel an alert, as well as attempting to contact the rider first to ensure that help is needed. 

The app has been launched in the UK, Europe, ROI, North America, Australia and New Zealand, and a subscription to the service will work in all of the above territories (as long as you have phone service in the area) and downloaded on the Google Play or Apple App Store. Perfect if you’re planning a tour, as it'll contact the emergency services in your local area automatically.

Working via a Google-Cloud hosted emergency alerting platform, in milliseconds of a crash the data will have been stored on the cloud, and an alert can then be sent in seconds to get help. 

With a rolling monthly subscription charge of £3.99, all motorcyclists are able to make use of the app - but Triumph owners will be eligible for a 3-month free trial. There are no cancellation fees or long-term contract commitments, either. 

Configured and developed specifically for motorcyclists it mind, it won’t work as efficiently with cyclists, cars or horse riding use. There is also functionality to share your location data with a group you may be with, too, and it’s recommended that if using the app to keep your phone on your person as opposed to stored in the motorcycle. 

What makes this any better than other accident alert systems?

Triumph says that as a result of extensive validation of the app validation settings, they achieved an accredited status - which means the app can contact emergency services direct with information, rather than only notify a nominated contact. This means time can be saved getting help to you in the event of an accident. 

If the Triumph SOS app is monitoring my information, will my speed be sent along with the data to emergency services?

Triumph says that the app does not record or send any speed or telematics data to the emergency services. 

Can I manually trigger an alert for myself or another rider I am with?

Triumph says the app is set to only trigger an alert in the event of a motorcycle accident, and if you need emergency services in any other event it is best to call directly yourself. AML data with certain emergency services allow them to locate you extremely quickly when calling direct. 

What if it triggers when I’m riding normally?

Triumph note that the app will look for movement or information that an onward journey is being continued, as well as trying to contact the rider. If it triggers, continue riding normally or answer the phone cues (phone or on-screen) to cancel through the app. The app will show info on the screen as it happens. 

If you’re interested in the app, have a search on your app store and download it. It sounds like a fantastic way of guaranteeing yourself a safety net in the event of the worst happening whilst out riding. Very sensible, and for the price equivalent of a pint a month (depending on your local), I’d say worthwhile considering. Nice one, Triumph!