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Alex has grown up around bikes & scooters, sharing a love that has passed down generations from his dad’s Vespas from his mod days, his cousin’s sports bikes, to his uncle’s choppers and bobbers in Finland. Motorcycles run in the family, and now Mr. Strange is riding the latest and greatest motorcycles and here to tell you all about it.

His two-wheeled story, like many others, started by jumping on bikes in fields and having a laugh, with a natural impulse to attempt to get half decent at it - but ultimately experiencing the pure bliss of two wheels from a young age.

That passion became his day-to-day when he started working for a motorcycle insurance company over the course of 4 years post-university, where he started in sales & broking and progressed to on-road testing small and mid-capacity machines, plus attending countless events and race meets in that time.

With his media degree in hand, Alex is often putting his thoughts to the page by reviewing & writing about bikes and the inherent stories they tell and getting his creative flair on by creating videos & content for the Visordown social media. You’ll also find him presenting some of our videos on the Visordown YouTube channel.

Whilst he loves an adventure & touring machine (perhaps due to being so tall), he will happily get out on anything with two wheels that goes ‘bang’. Or even ‘buzz’ for the newer electric motorcycles, though he does love the smell of a good ol’ two-stroke.

His current long-termer is a Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE Grand Tourer that he’s affectionately named Verity, and is happiest when in the saddle for large parts of the day - be it touring the UK, having a go on track, or searching for a new green lane to blast down.

Alex is a firm believer that every day is a school day - especially on a bike. He has completed countless motorcycle experiences and training days to further sharpen his riding skills, including on-road training with BikeSafe, days on track with California Superbike School, to off-road days with Yamaha Off-Road Experience & a flat track school with Dirt Craft & Royal Enfield.

If our resident Finn isn’t riding new roads (and getting lost), you’ll find him sharpening his photography & videography skills, travelling the world, or down the pub.

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