Are Apple AirTags a cheap option for an anti-theft motorcycle tracking device?

After a motorcyclist recovered his stolen bike with the help of an Apple AirTag, we ponder if this small cheap device could be used for recovering bikes.

Apple AirTag as a cheap motorcycle tracker

A motorcyclist in Washington, USA, was able to recover his stolen motorcycle earlier this week, solely through the use of a small tracking device from Apple - the ‘AirTag’. It’s not quite the norm of motorcycle security, but it’s done the job and got a fella his bike back on this occasion!

Roughly the size of a £2 coin, the Apple AirTag is a £29 device that works with Apple devices, transmitting its location to you whenever you need to find it through the ‘Find My’ app. The battery lasts for around a year before it needs replacing, and it has a few smart features to make it a real handy accessory if you’re liable to misplace things. 

Or if your stuff is stolen.

From Apple Insider, Brandon previously had his bike stolen, so was on the lookout for a solution in case it happened again. When he saw the cheap accessory released by the international tech giant, the lightbulb must have gone off in his head. Brandon bought one and discretely placed it on his bike in case the worst happened again. 

So when some good-for-nothing thieves came slithering, Brandon opened the ‘Find My’ app to discover the AirTag was pinging its live location 3 blocks away. Upon arriving he found the bike and the AirTag in one piece. Bike recovered, the £29 device has done its job. 

Would you consider an Apple AirTag as an anti-theft tracker for your motorcycle?

Without delving too deep into the theft side of the story, it’s unclear why the bike was left behind, but it’s been speculated that the AirTag may have sent a notification to the thieves iPhone (if they have one) to say they were being tracked - a feature of the AirTag when separated from its ‘owner’. 

Now, clearly, an Apple AirTag is not a ‘reputable’ bike safety device as it’s more for those who have lost their keys or something valuable, and it isn’t recognised on the same tier as the abundance of for-purpose Bike tracking companies such as Bike Trac, DataTool et al. But if it does the job, it has to be considered, right?

Factoring in the price of this small device compared to the official brands (that may cost up to £300 with subscriptions, with others at the same price point, like the XCSOURCE), the AirTag is just £29 with a replaceable battery that lasts about a year, so it has to be thought of as a make-do accessory for those with an iPhone in their pocket.

Stick it somewhere on your bike, and you’ll always have a real-time location of your motorcycle if you want that peace of mind. Sounds good to me.

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