DAB Motors has teased their latest motorcycle - electric scrambler!

In an early teaser, French motorcycle manufacturer DAB Motors has partially revealed its latest project - an electric motorcycle!

DAB motors electric coming soon 2021

DAB Motors has shown the first teaser images of its latest project, an electric motorcycle that’ll no doubt continue the pursuit of motorcycling perfection. 

Known for their LM-S 500 - the fully customisable scrambler fitted with top parts and assembled by hand in Bayonne, France - this yet-to-be-named electric motorcycle has been (partially) revealed online in a handful of images. 

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Signature faceplate with an integrated LED light is (of course) present, along with a huge rear sprocket found on many electric motorcycles to put down power quickly - utilising the instant power & torque generated from an electric motor. 

Enter into the Photoshop world to try and expose more details from the dimly lit photo, and it appears some of the main details towards the front of the bike have been obscured… 

DAB Motors joins the electric motorcycle world

But if this electric motorcycle is anything like the LM-S 500, it’ll be a top spec e-mobility option for those looking to have a bit of renewable fun on twisty roads and green lanes. It seems the ethos for light, customisable and audacious two-wheeled fun could be continued here.

No doubt this electric scrambler will continue their premium custom approach, which will be really intriguing to see as they would be the first (or at least amongst the first) manufacturers to offer a list of top parts to pick from when kitting out the final product. 

As a guess, we can probably expect the scrambler to be of lower capacity, perhaps equivalent to a 125cc motorcycle (like the Husqvarna E-pilen recently shown) - but, we love being surprised, so we’ll have to wait until the June full reveal to find out more. Or check their Instagram for a couple extra shots (whilst you're there, follow us @Visordown). 

We exclusively spoke with DAB Motors founder Simon Dabadie recently, and found out a little more about what makes the French startup manufacturer tick. Keep your eyes peeled for that interview article coming very soon!