Husqvarna Motorcycles show E-Pilen concept | Electric motorcycle in development

A new teaser video has been shown of the Husqvarna E-Pilen, a clean and stylish electric motorcycle concept with swappable battery tech.

Husqvarna e-pilen electric motorcycle

HUSQVARNA has just shown a teaser of their latest electric concept motorcycle, the E-Pilen. 

With distinguishing lines familiar to Husqvarna fans that’ll recognise the Vitpilen and Svartpilen models, the E-Pilen is fitted with an 8kW motor that’s said to be capable of achieving a range of 100km. 

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Developed with both urban commuters and leisure riders in mind, the modular battery is rechargeable and swappable - instantly answering the ongoing doubts of range. The sweeping teaser shots shine a light on the battery configuration, too, with three batteries housed in the traditional place for the fuel tank. Fitting, really. 

Further, these batteries are the same style as we’d expect to see from the previously formed electric motorcycle consortium, of which sister company KTM is a founding member of with Honda, Yamaha and Piaggio.

Are you ready for an Electric Evolution? Husqvarna E-Pilen

This latest electric concept from Husqvarna gives an insight into a potential future vision on manufacturers who are seeking to create designs that are appealing to current riders and future motorcyclists alike, and it’s said to be one of several zero-emissions options currently in development. 

If released as it is, this concept motorcycle will be accessible to CBT and A1 riders, as the 8kW motor would be outputting power at an equivalent of around 11 bhp, plus being fitted with top of the range WP Apex suspension front and rear. 

There’s no doubt that this electric motorcycle looks mega, and if it hits the street like this I’m sure there’ll be many interested - including us here at Visordown. It seems like Husqvarna are definitely expanding to alternative markets, following their Svartpilen 125 released earlier this year.

More info will be released on this E-Pilen concept in the near future. Until then, watch the teaser here: