DAB Motors LM-S 500 | custom built to-order French motorcycle

A bold and exclusive motorcycle from France, this is the DAB Motors LM-S 500cc - a scrambler that pushes the envelope for motorcycle design.

DAB Motors LMS 500 custom motorcycle

JUST take a minute to look at this beauty. It’s the LM-S 500 from French custom motorcycle builder DAB Motors, with starting price at €17,200… but look at what that money will get you! A mint scrambler with high-performance equipment that’ll be at home on the streets and on the trails. 

You may gawk at the price, but look at it more as a custom to-order bike building service (like ‘build-a-bike’); they provide the foundation and framework, and you can customise to your heart's content. Starting by picking colour options for the body, frame, subframe, handmade seat, moving to the hardware of the bike - the possibilities are endless, normal is boring.

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If you don’t fancy going through the stress of building your own, DAB Motors have also set 3 designer’s configurations to choose from, too. How nice of them!

Powered by a Husqvarna 501cc mono engine - giving you around 55 bhp - through a 6-speed box and 7-litre tank, it’s a decent scrambler spec - it weighs in at around 127 kg (not stated if dry or wet) and has a tall 900mm seat.

DAB Motors LM-S 500 ‘build-a-scrambler’

When it comes to the LM-S ‘basics’, you’ll find a front number-plate with disguised LED light, handlebar integrated indicators with clean & lean bar-integrated dash, the LM-S 500 really is all about scrambler style. 

Well, I say all about style, but it has the equipment to walk-the-walk, too. Depending on your choice when building, you can chuck on performance parts throughout, consisting of Brembo brakes with Rizoma fluid tank, Kayaba or Öhlins forks & rear shock, your choice of 17-inch hoops to make it street scrambler or fire-lane warrior with knobblies (go for Pirelli, Michelin, Continental…).

The LM-S 500 may be French, but it will be coming to the UK - so if you’re considering forking out upwards of £15k for a custom scrambler, the guys and girls at DAB Motors will happily start making arrangements for you, you’ll just need to get in contact with them!

If you like playing about with bike configurators and building your own dream bike, the DAB Motors website has a pretty handy in-depth configurator that you can check out.