Watch Sarah Lezito put a turbo Yamaha Niken through its paces

One of the big questions asked when the Yamaha Niken launched was can it wheelie? Well here is your answer!

Watch Sarah Lezito put a turbo Yamaha Niken through its paces

SINCE the launch of the Yamaha Niken was launched back in 2018, one of the questions on most people’s lips was ‘can it wheelie?’

And while we’ve known for some time that it can, with 113bhp on offer and 236kg (most of which sits just behind the front wheels) hoiking a ‘minger’ on the bike is not for the faint of heart.

It is though a convention motorcycle, just with masses more front end grip thanks to those two front tyres, so in theory at least, if you can do it on a conventional bike, you can do it on the Niken.

And that’s a point that Sarah Lezito has set out to prove in her latest video, as she takes to the stunt pad on a highly modified and bonkers looking Yamaha Niken.

In the video we can see Sarah pulling wheelies, stoppies, drifting and doing a whole host of other things we wouldn’t attempt on a scooter, let alone Yamaha’s leaning multi-wheel machine.

To get the Niken to where Sarah needed it to be, she admits they have had to add some modifications to the machine, namely boosting the power to nearly 200bhp thanks to the inclusion of a turbo charger!

Stunt rider Sarah Lezito on a turbo Yamaha Niken!

From there, the bike has been decked out with some trick suspension components from specialists WP and SW Motech has provided the crash protection, blingy looking paint job and some other trick bits to make the bike look suitable ‘stunt’!

Sarah Lezito is a French freestyle stunt rider who is considered the best motorcycle stuntwoman in the world. She was Scarlett Johansson’s double in the motorcycling scenes in The Avengers 2 movie and pretty much dominated the stunt riding world championships.