Katalis Spacebar Quatro-P | Electric spiritual successor to the Honda Motocompo

If you’ve ever had a Honda Motocompo sized hole in your boot, the Katalis Spacebar is the foldable mini electric moped that could just about fill it!

Katalis Spacebar Quatro-P electric moped

SEEING as Honda has just unveiled their latest iteration of the Monkey for 2021, and with the Grom (or MSX125) continuing its reign on the mini-bike tables, it seems we’ll be waiting that little bit longer for the official electric Motocompo successor - despite their filing for the Motocompo trademark last year. 

The electric-powered Katalis Spacebar will have to fill that small gap for now. 

Working with local Indonesian designer Kamengski, the Spacebar was first seen in January 2021 and born from an obsession with space, influenced directly by the spacebar on a keyboard due to its nature of being able to “open up spaces” according to Joseph Sinaga, head of strategy at Katalis.

Chuck a pair of wheels on, and I can see the resemblance, sort of. Another cracking quote is: “Yes, it is small but fierce, like a piece of chilli” from the principal designer Julian Palapa.

Bringing it back into the spotlight this time around is the new makeover for this ‘Quatro-P’ edition, reminiscent of 80s & 90s mecha anime as per the Katalis Instagram, with the original in Green/Teal colour.

A local affair by all accounts, this edition was custom built for local architect client Pradhana Harsa, who placed the order before finding out they were just down the road!

Katalis Spacebar Quatro-P - the modern electric Motocompo

With foldable extremities and a similar approach to style as the original boot-filler, the Spacebar is actually a tad bigger in size, measuring 1420mm in length with a 1000mm wheelbase, compared to the 1185mm of the Motocompo. So you may need a bigger boot, but it still weighs in at just 60kg (the Motocompo is about 45kg).

Seeing as it can be folded up to fit in compact spaces, it’s said to be perfect for riding around urban environments - in part thanks to the light aluminium 2.2mm tube frame, mountain bike suspension (front & rear) and small 10 inch wheels. 

Electric really is the commuting choice of the future (or present).

To give you an idea of what this electric bike can do power-wise, it’s fitted with a 42V Bosch 18650 lithium battery, has peak power of 1.2 kW (1.6bhp), a quoted 31mph top speed and a 37-mile range.

So like a 50cc scooter. Enough to get around the local area, and the range will be more than enough for that purpose.

Fitted with 6061 aluminium bodywork and railings for luggage, the general idea is to use this as your city run around - and as seen above, perfect for grabbing your daily baguette & loaf allowance. Carrying capacity is 120kg total, so you can fit quite a few baguettes on with you.

Designed and built in Indonesia, these Spacebars are fully customisable & built to order for around £2,500 (according to Scooter.uk), and will be happily customised. 

I want one! 

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