Indian man gets run over by motorcycles 121 times for a Guinness World Record

There must be better ways to enter the hallowed Guinness World Records book than 121 motorcycles running over you - but Pandit Dhayagude did it in 2016!

Guinness World Records most motorcycles to run over a person

IRON STOMACH MAN - that’s what they call Pandit Dhayagude of Mumbai, and to be fair it’s a well-earned title. Back in 2016 he decided he wanted to enter the Guinness World Records book for the most motorcycles to run over a person. 

There must be better ways to get in that book than letting 121 motorcycles run over your stomach over a 20 minute period.

We’re not talking small little lightweight motorcycles either, he decided to opt for Indian Scout motorcycles weighing 257kg each! Apparently, 250kg was the qualifying weight.

Crowds gathered on the streets of Mumbai that day in August 2016, TV crews assembled and mobile phones were at hand recording it all. It’s a record that I’m sure nobody wants to beat, and I’m just surprised that the Indian Motorcycle branch in India were down with this at all.

Dhayagude is said to have built up his stamina and stomach strength slowly over time, and used to take self-defence and karate lessons. I’d probably turn away when I got to the ‘now we run a motorcycle over your stomach to prove you’re a strong warrior’ bit.

But, nonetheless, the madman did it and set a new Guinness World Record, and is said to have gone on to teach self-defence to thousands of young women in India for free. Fair play mate.

I’ll get my black belt from something other than a motorcycle tyre, please!

Guinness World Record for motorcycles over the belly!

There’s plenty of weird and wonderful Guinness World Records involving motorcycles, longest wheelie, fastest elbow-drag, of course the multitude of speed records - but I think this one takes the cake for being the most bizarre.

Definitely do not try this at home. Even if you’ve got a white belt from a karate session down the local community centre from 10 years ago.

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