Yamaha NMAX scooters get a Star Wars themed intergalactic makeover!

Choose the dark side. Here are some official Star Wars editions of the Yamaha NMAX scooters over in Brazil - use the force, Visordown fans...

Star Wars Yamaha NMAX limited edition

THESE are the scooters you are looking for. Yamaha and Star Wars have come together to bring a special limited edition makeover for the NMAX scooters - but only in Brazil. 

With the option between the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire, the NMAX receives a colourful limited edition makeover that will certainly make it stand out on the streets. You may even hear people yell out ‘that’s one hell of a pilot!’ as you scoot past. 

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As seen on RideApart, these two scooters will only be seen on the streets of Brazil. A shame, but in any case, Star Wars scooter fans can rejoice - you’ve finally got a chance to be a pilot of an x-wing or tie fighter, kind of.

Yamaha NMAX - Rebel Alliance scooter

Starting with the Rebel Alliance, Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing is the inspiration here, with Alliance emblems, white colourway with red and gold accents giving this a certain Red Squadron vibe.

I can only hope it comes with its very own R2-D2 crewmate. Now that would be cool, unlikely, but never tell me the odds!

Yamaha NMAX - Galactic Empire scooter

As for the dark side, the Tie-fighter takes centre stage, giving the NMAX a much darker & sinister style with red accented highlights. The Galactic Empire logo is seen proudly on the fairings, and is enough to turn any jedi. If only you knew the power of the dark side…

Although a great man-frog named Yoda once said ‘Size matters not’, these Star Wars NMAX scooters are still the same 155cc powered scooters as the standard models in Brazil, so they won’t be the scoot that makes the Kessel run in twelve parsecs - but it’s certainly enough to commute to the office/rebel base/death star in style. 

These are kind of like paddock scooters for the Star Wars universe. I'd love to see a squadron of Rebel Alliance scooters flying about - Red Leader standing by sort of thing. They'd certainly get on our movie & tv motorcycles list anyway.

I just wish they were available in other countries, not just in Brazil. Unless there’s a different collaboration on the way for the UK and Europe… Now this is pod racing!

If you want to find out more about the Yamaha NMAX, we reviewed the 2021 model earlier this year. It was a long time ago, in a city far far away…