Yamaha FZ-X revealed for India, offers neo retro chic with a badge on a budget 

Yamaha adds some neo retro chic to its Indian motorcycle range with the funky looking, value conscious FZ-X roadster - should it come to Europe?

Yamaha FZ-X.jpg

Yamaha has taken the wraps off one of the more intriguing new motorcycle launches of the year, unveiling the neo retro urban FZ-X commuter targeted at the Indian market.

The Japanese giant does things slightly differently compared with other big brands in the world’s largest motorcycle market by keeping its largely urban range capped at no more than a top of the range 250cc variant.

That means you won’t find any MT or R models rising above 125cc here, though there is talk of a baby 250cc Tracer in the works potentially very soon.

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In the meantime though, Yamaha has given its Indian line-up a welcome dash of flair with the launch of the FZ-X, a more fashionable relation to the existing FZ and FZ-S ranges.

Revealing a design sprinkled with handsome ‘neo retro’ touches, the FZ-X transforms the somewhat dowdy donor FZ to create a modern-looking naked that ticks the right boxes with its chunky engine casing and bulbous fuel tank.

Even so, much will come down to whether you love or loathe - or stand anywhere in between - Yamaha’s latest divisive design direction on the headlight. 

Following on from the MT-09 and R7, two models that received a decidedly lukewarm reception based on press shots, the FZ-X, though not as high profile as its distant siblings, keeps it quirky with its central spotlight and circular cowl that reminds us a little of a certain Amazon voice activated device…

Under the skin is a 150cc single-cylinder engine developing 12.2hp and 13.3Nm of torque, plus a five-speed gearbox. 

It is priced aggressively too, coming in at 1.16 lakh, which directly equates to £1,200...  a tag that alas wouldn’t remain intact should the FZ-X ever make it to Europe..

Are we likely to see the Yamaha FZ-X make it to Europe?

It would seem unlikely for the time being as the FZ is very much a model targeted specifically for Asia, rather than Europe. 

Yamaha already has a broader array of 125cc models than most, including the MT-125, R 125 and now also the retro XSR 125, not to mention its array of scooters in and around this region. 

However, even with the launch of the XSR, Yamaha is yet to really give the ‘neo-retro’ segment a proper crack having largely swerved the ‘neo’ part of the brief. By contrast, the Honda CB125R benchmark has been a sales success with its more modern take on the classic urban runaround.

As such, the FZ-X might inspire a model down the line should Yamaha choose to go for the smaller but less funky CB125F.