Best Movie & TV Motorcycles - Visordown community favourites of all time

We asked the Visordown community what their favourite movie & tv motorcycles of all time were - and we had some top answers! Here’s some of the best…

Best Movie Motorcycles Akira Kaneda

MOVIE motorcycles can often be from a world of absolute make-believe - and we’re not just talking the V8 noises coming from a scrambler in Hollywood, some of the wildest machines on two wheels (or sometimes no wheels) have been dreamt up and played back to us on the big screen. 

So when we asked the Visordown community on Facebook what their favourites were, we weren’t expecting such a broad and varied response. Some highlights include the classic Great Escape Triumph that Steve McQueen launched over the fence (of course), Kaneda’s motorcycle from Japanese anime Akira, and even the motorcycle & side-car setup from Wallace & Gromit…

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Here’s the best of the best movie motorcycles from our Visordown community: 

Akira - Kaneda’s motorcycle

Shall we just start off with the most popular in the comments? Stylistically it’s a bit of a Honda NM4 and cruiser cross, but it’s a high powered motorcycle (only the best for Shotaro Kaneda). Apparently, it’s fitted with electronically controlled ABS, has a 200 bhp output, and ceramic, double-rotor two-wheel disk drive - not bad for the 80s! Fun fact, the engine sounds for the bike were a combination of a Harley-Davidson and a MiG-21 fighter jet…

Tron Light Cycle

What’s a list of movie motorcycles without the motorcycle from Tron? It’s a light cycle that’ll leave a devastating trail in its wake and is probably the first bike at the top of these lists for loads of motorcycle movie fans. The front wheel on these is permanently locked, so you need to lean and tilting the cycle to turn - the wheels themselves are iconic, massive hubless wheels, but it doesn’t come with the Tron frisbee as standard. That’s presumably an optional extra.

Judge Dredd Lawmaster

This thing really epitomises American muscle bikes for me, Judge Dredd is a badass and his Lawmaster fits him perfectly. One commenter does bring up a valid point, pulling a u-turn on this would be a sight to behold. But either way, the Lawmaster wouldn’t look out of place on the road of America.

Kamen Rider Battle Hopper

Now, this is one I didn’t recognise at all - I’ll admit I thought it was something to do with Power Rangers (and they definitely had some mad motorcycles). 
This, however, is the Battle Hopper. It’s a living motorcycle that looks like a praying mantis, has its own attacks, can stand on its own, and heal its own wounds… in fact, I think I know a rider who could do with this. The base model was a Suzuki RA125, apparently. I prefer this design though.

Mad Max - Jim ‘The Goose’ Rains MFP Kawasaki KZ1000

This is a classic one - a 1977 Kwaka KZ1000. He absolutely tears it up on this one in the original Mad Max film, iconically adorned with fairings from Melbourne-based ‘La Parisienne’ who sadly went bust shortly after the film was released. It seems the MFP1100 is fairly popular amongst bike-builders, and kits to build your own are available… let us know if you build a Goose replica!

Star Wars - Stormtrooper Speeder

As was hinted in our main post, a Star Wars Speeder would be floating high up in our list of dream movie motorcycles… it’s maneuverable at high speed, seemingly fairly intuitive to ride, plus blasters can be installed as optional extras at the galactic dealers for getting rid of drivers-with-attitude - this would be the perfect all-around commuter! 

The Great Escape - Triumph Trophy TR6

What’s one of these lists without Steve McQueen’s Triumph TR6 Trophy that he (well, Bud Ekins) used in the famous jump scene in The Great Escape? At this point, it’s a staple of ‘best movie motorcycle’ lists, so it has to be here by virtue of the fact it’s so iconic. 

Silver Dream Machine - David Essex

Maybe this is way past my time. I know of a Joey Essex, but who’s this David Essex fella with his Silver Dream Machine? Apparently, it’s a song? Or a film? I’m not entirely sure, but the motorcycle really is a bit of a dream machine - and it’s a real motorcycle, designed by Barry Hart of Barton Company.

Torque movie - various motorcycles

There was a mention of the movie Torque, which features a host of super-powered and super-cool motorcycles, varying from a Triumph Daytona 955i, Honda CBR 954, Yamaha Roadstar Warrior cruiser, and even an extremely rare Y2k from Marine Turbine Technologies. But the lead motorcycle is the Aprilia RSV Mille! Loads to pick from here, but fairly ‘ordinary’ compared to the rest.

Who Dares Wins - Harris Magnum

We’ve got a full article on the professional hard man Lewis Collins, who has a matching livery for his helmet!

Battlestar Galactica - Flying motorcycles

This is a cool one, flying bikes from Battlestar Galactica! Starting life as a Yamaha MX 175, the jets and wings were added, and voila a flying motorcycle. The iconic scene is the pair running into some danger, deploying the wings and flying off to the safety of the skies - whilst watching the Harley-Davidson gang comically ride into each other on the road whilst staring up, mouths ajar. 

Batman - Batcycle / Batblade / Batpod

Goes without saying, from the man that has it all, the motorcycle with all the gadgets. Single-sided swingarms front and rear (for maximum maneuverability, and they can roll sideways), fat tyres (about 30 inches wide), guns and jets… It’s a dream on paper, but riding this thing would probably be a nightmare.

I didn’t see anyone mention the bikes from Biker Mice from Mars, that was my favourite when I was a kid… honourable mention goes to the Rambo motorcycle as well.

But we had it all! So check out the full post on our Facebook page, get involved and we’d love to hear what your favourite movie or TV motorcycle would be. Whilst you’re there, you may as well give us a follow!