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New Kawasaki Z1000 R revealed

New Z1000 R edition gets Öhlins suspension, high-spec Brembo brakes, new graphics and more

KAWASAKI revealed the new ‘R’ edition of the Z1000, with higher-spec brakes and suspension and new colours.

The Z1000 R benefits from high-spec Brembo M50 calipers biting 310mm floating front discs and fed by stainless steel braded hoses.

It’s got an Öhlins S46DR1S rear shock with a remote pre-load adjuster and revised fork settings which Kawasaki says make for ‘more refined and responsive’ handling.

The 1043cc in-line-four has been made compliant with latest Euro4 emission limits and gets revised ECU settings for a ‘smoother power delivery’.

It’s got an adjustable shift-up light which illuminates the rev counter and it comes in a new colour scheme of ‘Metallic Graphite Grey’ in addition to the ‘Metallic Spark Black’ scheme available on the base model.

It also gets new graphics with ‘yellow-green accents’ and a ‘Z’ logo-embossed seat.

It’s set to go on sale from January alongside the base model Z1000, which also comes in ‘Golden Blazed Green as well as Candy Burnt Orange and Flat Ebony’.

The Z1000 R was revealed in these pictures, with price set to be announced at the Motorcycle Live show at Birmingham’s NEC starting on October 18.


snagzie's picture

Kawa really need to step up the game. If they sell this for around £10.5k they might have a chance

BubbaDaytona's picture

Don't expect any bargains soon.

Comfysofa's picture

Apparently the pice I've heard is 13k, which if it is, is a blatant rip off. If I bought stocker for 9k I could kit it out with better stuff they're offering and put more on there, and, still have money left over for a day on the dyno.... I love my zed (yes I've already got one) but the next logical step is a zx10 lump and full electronics...

snave's picture's simply about price.

Kwackers current stylists seem to be smoking some crack and the `Sugomi` styling really doesn't travel well: Instead of “awe, leaving an indelible impression, daunting in stature or ability, and commands respect” it's more: "So weird it looke like it's been crushed in the container on the way over"...

I'm sure its the styling that's turning off as many as it's turning on, right across the Kawasaki range.

If they want to be `unlike the others` why don't they use their aerodynamics and ergonomic skills from the aviation division to free up the ergonomic log jam and improve performance through airflow optimisation - I mean, radiators square-on to the airflow..? What is it, 1916..?

dudeofrude's picture

Couldn't agree more. I don't so much mind the body of it even if it does look like an angry cat arching up.... but that headlight is just awful!! Like someone squashed it then mounted it 6 inches too low?

BubbaDaytona's picture

That headlight design has a tremendous fairing effect, and the lights are actually useful. By far the easiest to ride litrebike, with one glaring problem of the rear shock, which is now fixed.
Radiator square on the airflow is exactly how radiators work best, and again, when you ride it, the airflow goes around the legs. The whole bike is very low centre of gravity and compact. The design comes from function.

I love it. I just wish that they'd integrated the front indicators into the cowl rather than just having them stick out underneath.

Scootz's picture

More than a passing resemblance to the Suzuki Katana's.

I love this new Kawasaki Z1000 R, and I hope that you can share more news about these bikes with me. I'd honestly appreciate that a lot. Don't let me down.

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