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BMW confirms four new models for Eicma

One of which seems certain to be this R nineT GS

BMW HAS confirmed it will reveal four new bikes at Eicma next month, including a new member of the R nineT family and two new adventure models.

The latest addition to the R nineT range, the Scrambler, was revealed as a ‘concept’ at last year’s Wheels and Waves custom bike festival in France. So it doesn’t take Hercule Poirot to work out that what’s in store is the production version of the R nineT-meets-GS concept shown at this year’s Wheels and Waves.

Called ‘Concept Lac Rose’ (and pictured above), it was described by BMW at the time as ‘G/S meets BMW R nineT’.

The windshield, headlamp, high mudguard, large tank and short seat are all designed to evoke the 1985 Dakar-winning G/S. It’s safe to assume the bike we see at Eicma will share many of the concept’s features.

One of the two adventure models is also pretty easy to guess at, since we’ve seen the G310GS - based on the single-cylinder G310R - being tested on the road.

The second adventure bike is likely to be a revised R1200GS with updates including Euro4 emission compliance, which the flagship model will need for 2017.

That just leaves the ‘luxurious touring motorcycle’, the nature of which seems more open to speculation.

We’re hoping for an updated K1600 GT, maybe with some of the crazy self-balancing technology BMW showed off on its ‘Vision Next 100’ concept a couple of weeks ago.

What do you think?

The new models are set to be unveiled at the Eicma motorcycle show in Milan, Italy, at 10.30am on November 8.

Here’s what BMW said: ‘Here, another BMW motorcycle from the Heritage world of experience will see its world premiere. The family of classic yet modern motorcycles featuring the distinctive air-cooled flat-twin boxer engine will then number a total of five fascinating models. And the lead model in this world of experience, the R nineT, also has several technical and visual modifications in store at the EICMA.

‘Two more world premieres come from the range of BMW Motorrad models in the Adventure world of experience, making the GS family larger and more versatile.

‘Meanwhile world premiere number four features a luxurious touring motorcycle. As one would expect of BMW Motorrad, this model boasts a wealth of fittings that make motorcycle travel as comfortable and exciting as possible.’


Isn't the fourth that new K1600 bagger?

Steve Farrell's picture

Don't think so. We've already seen the K1600 bagger and BMW is promising four world premieres.

Can machines translate press releases?

Google Translate would be considered "machine translation".

Steve Farrell's picture

It's not a translation. The quotes from the press release are direct. They actually say that stuff.

I wasn't suggesting it'd been doctored...

But it's got that whiff of not-quite-English that you often get from the Japanese.

It's as though the marketing points were stipulated in German, then clumsily translated by people dispassionate about bikes. Or maybe they tried too hard to shoehorn specific words with specific connotation that it ended up sounding like a robot.

snave's picture

Does it actually matter? It's speculation only for a few days, it's not important in the great scheme of things, and there really isn't anything truly `innovative` in anything BMW are doing - they are simply expanding a modular platform or adjusting to meet new marketing or emissions goals.
Hardly think anyone needs to lose sleep over the excitementzzzzzzzzzzzzz............

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