New 2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan, with Tripper navigation and Euro 5 compatible

The new Himalayan from Royal Enfield is going to be launched with the Tripper navigation system, as expected, plus other upgrades.

2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan

ROYAL ENFIELD has just let us in on their updates to the 2021 Himalayan range, which will include the Tripper navigation system as standard - plus other upgrades to bring the adventure tourer into 2021. 

We’re entering the 6th year of life for the Himalayan - it was debuted in 2016 - and over that time the adventure motorcycle has really solidified its place on the roads of the UK and beyond.

It’s self-confessed as being stripped-back and simplistic, but with that comes a versatile, honest riding experience, and it’s become one of Royal Enfield’s most sold motorcycles globally.

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What’s new for 2021 with the Himalayan

Let’s start off with the Tripper Navigation system that we have all been expecting for a while now. This Tripper device is a non-intrusive map/guidance system, giving you basic pointers to turns and direction whilst out on the road. It runs on Google maps, and you enter the details of your trip using the compatible Royal Enfield smartphone app.

This is the same one as found on the Meteor 350, and sits in a dedicated gauge to blend in with the rest of the dashboard panel.

We had also previously heard of rumours of a Pine Green colourway spotted out in India, which has now been confirmed as an option for the new range - alongside new options in Granite Black, and Mirage Silver adding to the existing colourways (Rock Red, Lake Blue and Gravel Grey). 

Outside of the visual updates, there are a few functional changes made to this 2021 Himalayan model. As standard you’ll find switchable ABS on these Euro 5 compliant models, allowing you to lock the rear wheel and “drift when riding offroad” - sounds like fun!

Rider comfort has been considered, with improved cushioning in the saddle, a redesigned windscreen for optimised ‘wind-channelling’, and the front rack has been slimmed, adjusted with ergonomics in mind for a more comfortable ride all around. 

Carrying luggage is a fairly standard requirement on an adventure-tourer, and Royal Enfield have made a couple of adjustments to the rear carrier: it has been reduced in height, with an additional plate included allowing for secure luggage fastening. 

Royal Enfield Himalayan - Power for 2021

The single-cylinder 411cc air-cooled engine remains in the Himalayan and will produce a modest output of 24.3bhp at 6500rpm, with peak torque of 32Nm at 4250rpm. All Euro 5 compliant, of course, but may leave you itching for a bit more poke at the top end.

I’m still holding out hope for the turbocharged model to see the light of day, or at least the 650cc twin you’ll find in the Interceptor or Continental GT. But that may be missing the point of a versatile, accessible adventure-tourer. 

Weight is listed as 199kg, it has a 15L fuel tank, and a 800mm seat height. Thrown in when buying one brand new is 3 years of warranty and roadside assistance, too. So all things considered, this is a great entry to the adventure motorcycle market if you aren’t after an expensive, heavyweight adventure bike, and you're looking for a well-priced option. Which leads us to...

Price of the Royal Enfield 2021 Himalayan

There are two pricing options, depending on the colour that takes your fancy:

Single Colour Tone (Granite Black, Gravel Grey) - £4,599 inc OTR
Dual Colour Tone (Pine Green, Mirage Silver, Rock Red & Lake Blue) - £4,699 inc OTR

Don’t forget, buy one of these brand-new and you’ll get a year of free membership to the Royal Enfield Riders Club of Europe!