Royal Enfield launch their Riders Club of Europe for owners and fans alike

Launching on the 1st of April, The Royal Enfield Riders Club provides access to exclusive events and rides, plus unique goodies.

Royal Enfield Riders Club of Europe

ROYAL ENFIELD has just let us know about their plans to start an exclusive ‘Riders Club of Europe’ for Royal Enfield owners past, present, and future - the engines are due to start on the 1st of April. 

United by a yearning to get out and ride as one, the aim of the Riders Club is to bring Royal Enfield riders together as a community on rides with a cause. Joining the Riders Club will give you access to dedicated club-only rides, exclusive brand experiences and event invites for local and European adventures. 

Plus, when shows & events get up-and-running again, members will be entitled to bonus event hospitality at future trade events and shows - as well as the promise of being amongst the first for a look at new bikes at planned showroom previews! 

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The Royal Enfield Riders Club will be all about building communities around the brand. They will be carefully curating experiences with third-parties for a host of memorable rides, national and international tours and rentals, single & multi-day training days, and unique rides and events all being scheduled for 2021. It seems to be something they've worked on for a while, as we reported on them teaming up with Superior Motorcycle Experiences to set up these tours in the UK and Europe.

Of course, this will all be Covid-19 compliant, and the first events planned for April (and beyond if needed) will be Covid-compliant, with full precautions being taken for the safety of interested parties. 

Arun Gopal, Head of Business Markets EMEA, said:
“At Royal Enfield we’re all about our riders - they are the real custodians of the brand. For everything that we do as a company; from the motorcycles that we develop to the entire brand ecosystem we carefully curate, we put the end rider at the core of our thinking.”

“We appreciate that riders come in many forms and different guises; the purists, the adventure tourers, the retro bike enthusiasts or the everyday commuters that seek self-reliance and convenience. However, what unites them all is a yearning to get out and ride. We love motorcycling in its purest form, it binds and grounds us, and we welcome anyone into our world. We’re excited to write the next chapter of Royal Enfield’s enduring story, and we envision the Riders Club of Europe to be an integral part of this for many years to come.”

How do you become a member of the Royal Enfield Riders Club of Europe?

Royal Enfield owners will have their first year with the Riders Club for free, and all members will receive a free gift when joining (who doesn’t love free stuff). If you’re a current Royal Enfield owner, you should be able to activate your free first year of membership on the Royal Enfield ‘Riders Club of Europe’ website, through their homepage. Whilst future new owners will receive the option to sign up for the Riders Club when purchasing their new motorcycle from Royal Enfield.

When signing up, you pick your nearest local branch, which will then act as your Local Hub for Riders Club activities, and give you access to the full calendar of events across Europe. Riders will be given the opportunity to attend the annual charity ride, Royal Enfield's ‘One Ride’, typically on the first Sunday of April. 

All in all, this sounds like a fantastic opportunity for Royal Enfield fans to come together, particularly at a time where the world can feel a bit more disconnected with everyone stuck indoors. In our opinion it’s a brilliant initiative, and exactly what the motorcycling community needs right now.