MV Agusta officially reveal new 2021 Brutale RR and Dragster RR motorcycles

MV Agusta has pulled the wraps of the new motorcycles in the 800cc naked range, with new 2021 Brutale RR and Dragster RR models

Dragster RR action

NEW ‘motorcycle art’ is incoming from Italy today as MV Agusta has officially announced updated 2021 Brutale RR and Dragster RR models from the 800cc three-cylinder range.

Mv Agusta Brutale 800 RR 2020 Specs | SCS Smart Clutch System |

Both bikes have received some extensive updates ready for 2021, with MV Agusta taking the enforced lockdown thanks to COVID-19 to go over each machine with a fine toothcomb.

As you may be aware, the Brutale and Dragster models share more than just a family resemblance to each other. The engine, frame, suspension, and brakes are common elements across the two models. Here’s what updates have been made that are shared across the two machines.

2021 MV Agusta Brutale RR and Dragster RR updates

To start with, the frame of the bikes has been extensively redesigned, with the stiffer frame plates on each side of the bike being credited with providing both an increase in torsional and longitudinal stiffness. The bikes also boast new suspension settings as stock, and a revised rear linkage helping to improve accuracy and agility. The new machines also come fitted with a new plusher seat, which is said to improve comfort and an adjustable steering damper.

The engine of the new Brutale and Dragster has been extensively reworked, with the counter-rotating crankshaft unit now boasting sintered valve guides, DLC valve tappets. The idea is to reduce friction internally as much as possible, something that not only helps performance but helps achieve the all-important Euro5 certification as well.

The crankshaft main bearings, conrod main bearings and bottom end are now graced with micro-bored bearings, which require less oil than conventional bearings. With these installed the volume of oil the bottom end needs is reduced, decreasing the amount of work the oil pump must do and reducing energy wastage.

The eagle-eyed among you will have already noticed that a signature feature of the MV Agusta is still present – and to be honest, it looks better than it ever did before. The stunningly sculpted triple-stacked exhaust is now fed from a revised collector box and catalytic converter set up.

The electronics of the bikes, always a key factor on an MV, have to been updated for 2021, with Continental providing a new and improved IMU controlled ABS module. The new system manages wheel slip, lift, and ABS. The electronics update also features improved launch control and, if selected, there is a new SCS 2.0 available for both motorcycles.

The new Dragster RR also features a tyre setup unique to the range. It is fitted with Pirelli Rossi III hoops, with a 200 section rear that is rounder than before for enhanced cornering and more dynamic handling.

For more information on the two new models, head to: MV