Royal Enfield drop a turbo-charged engine into a Himalayan!

The UK design facility for Royal Enfield have obviously been bored over the lockdown, as they wheel out a turbo-charged Himalayan

FORCED induction is becoming a bit of a buzz word at the moment, with Kawasaki, Yamaha and others being reported to be working on whacky new turbine-boosted powerplants.

Royal Enfield Himalayan review

Although, one thing we haven’t see so far is a forced induction off-roader – until today that is! The MJR Roach, as the bike has been dubbed, is the result of the team at Bruntingthorpe working away over the lockdown – presumably somebody left the lid off some thinners or something because this thing is mad!

Starting with a stock and standard Himalayan, the team has ditched many of the original parts, replacing them with either bespoke items or off the shelf enduro parts. The biggest news comes in the form of a Garrett GT 125 turbo, mounted just before the under seat-exit of the exhaust. While boosted engines can massively increase power outputs, we must bear in mind the Himalayan’s fairly modest output to start with – the boosted version puts out a claimed 50bhp. While that may sound meagre, it is actually doubling the output of the 411cc engine.

To help the engine along the rev-limit has been raised, an external waste-gate was added and a custom-built exhaust and ‘screamer pipe’ fabricated. Chassis-wise, the bike features a set of lowered motocross forks and a 21” front wheel. Another cool addition is the swingarm, built specifically for the build by Royal Enfield-owned Harris Performance.

While we don’t expect the MJR Roach to be hitting the dealers anytime soon, it is nice to see Royal Enfield exploring idea paths a little less trodden. And as we’ve seen with the standard Himalayan, they aren’t afraid of leaving the classic styled bikes in favour of something different – so who knows…

Royal Enfield MJR Roach Himalayan turbo concept


ray van avond's picture

someone at RE seems to be smerkin weeeed. i mean, really, what is that monstrosity all about ?? are motorcycles becoming homosexualist? this is another styling error with NO accommodation for a doris <3. also: as soon as it rains - you're plastered. instantly. both ends. <3. turbo - the badge of a fantasist............ why did they make such a rubbish engine in the first place? and talking of ridiculous fantasies dafuq is that picture all about ?? launching a sandstorm in to a jet engine <3 RE weeeeeed - it's the nuts. RE should give up with the m/c business and concentrate their efforts on something they'e good at. qualiteeeeee puffage! janarta miin ??

ray van avond's picture

i actually couldn't watch this himalayan-hair-farmer video. too little voice - too much moozak. it's like trying to listen to a friend when there's an irritating teenager in the room with a drumkit !! YOYOY ??

This is very interesting to say the least. I have never seen anything like this so it's quite interesting. I'll have to show the guys I work with. Thanks for the post, Kaden @

The fuel tank is the same as that of the stock motorcycle, but the seat is a modified one. The pillion part of the saddle and the footpegs for the passenger have been removed for a rider-only setup. Another massive change comes at the back where the customised motorcycle trades the stock wire-spoke wheel for an alloy unit

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