Intermot 2014: New Yamaha XJR1300 unveiled

New retro styling for air-cooled naked bruiser

YAMAHA has just unveiled this new version of its air-cooled naked bruiser, the XJR1300, with new styling including a slim-line fuel tank, solo-seat and aluminium bodywork.

Inspired by specials from custom builders including Wrenchmonkees and DEUS, the XJR also has a new four-into-one black exhaust, a shortened sub-frame, tapered aluminium bars, a compact headlight unit and a new instrument panel.

It's got Öhlins rear suspension and DLC coated front fork, and uses the same DOHC 1250cc engine as the old model – the biggest in-line-four air-cooled engine on the market, according to Yamaha – making 98hp and 79.6lbft.

It was unveiled ahead of the Intermot Cologne motorcycle show alongside the 'XJR1300 Racer', a 'special edition built up by an official Yamaha dealer with genuine Yamaha parts'.

The Racer edition features carbon bodywork including the front mudguard, handlebar fairing and pillion seat cover. It's also got clip-on bars for a sportier riding position and more of a café racer look.

Both versions come in blue, matt grey or black

Yamaha's release said:

Yamaha unveil the evolved inline four XJR1300 and XJR1300 Racer, proudly showcasing the influence of recent collaborations with the world’s best customizers. 

The Yamaha XJR1300 is an icon whose raw presence has been unrivalled over the last 20 years since it hit the streets. For 2015 the XJR is back, and it’s evolved. The 1300cc naked street machine stays true to its ‘Japanese Performance Classic’ origins with a pure, powerful design and the largest displacement air cooled engine on the market as its beating heart.

The 2015 XJRs sit proudly in the Sports Heritage Range, continuing Yamaha’s drive to deliver beautiful yet functional motorcycles inspired by the past and built for the future.

Born customized
The last five years have seen Yamaha working closely with various professional custom builders, collaborating to create a series of concept machines together. These truly unique creations are called “Yard Built”. This shared experience has provided a lot of inspiration in product development, and Yamaha has started to incorporate custom design into factory bike production as a result.

Collaborations with builders such as the Wrenchmonkees and DEUS Ex Machina have had a significant influence in the development of the new XJR. The friendship with Keino, who recently unveiled his version of XJR1300 named Rhapsody in Blue, has also helped and influenced bringing this new machine to life.

Following the successful XV950 introduction last year, the new XJR1300 is another motorcycle from Yamaha that’s born customized. The machine rolls out of the factory with stunning styled components in the latest premium materials, looking far from ‘stock’.

Slim fuel tank, solo-seat and black pipes
The slim, racer inspired fuel tank dramatizes the muscular, powerful 4-cylinder air-cooled engine whilst the new solo-seat design gives that custom feel and adds credibility to the performance. The menacing black 4-2-1 exhaust pipe and muffler ends in a new tail cap design, setting off the look. A shorter tail at the rear adds to the compact, muscular silhouette in line with the narrower front tank.

Further standard ‘custom’ additions hint at the respect the bike gives to the production racers of the 1970s, including a cool aluminium side cover in a buffed finish with filter-like mesh inserts. Tapered aluminium handlebars and a compact headlamp come together to highlight the muscular image. 

The XJR’s powerful and reliable 4-cylinder DOHC air-cooled engine produces an impressive 98hp and 79.6lbft. The power plant sits in a steel double cradle frame with a clever engine mounting system designed to re-direct vibrations generated whilst riding.

Supporting a smooth ride are the friction reducing DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coated inner tubes for the front suspension partnered with a premium Ohlins rear suspension set up. 

The fuel tank has also been fully re-designed with a slimmer profile to make the most of the muscular exposed engine whilst still retaining the ability to hold 14.5 litres of fuel. Wider handlebars that sit closer to the rider now offer a more upright seating position, giving more confidence and a cooler ride.

2015 XJR1300 features
· 4-cylinder DOHC 1,250cc engine, the biggest in-line 4 air-cooled in the market
· 98hp - 108 Nm
· Öhlins rear suspension and DLC coated front fork
· Aluminium tapered handlebars
· Slim 14.5 L fuel tank
· Solo-seat design
· Black 4-2-1 exhaust
· Smaller 180mm multi-reflector headlight
· Aluminum racing plate style side cover
· Re-designed instrument panel
· Shorter and simplified rear frame

Make a statement
The new XJR has enough presence to make a statement for any rider with its massive air-cooled engine and stripped back, pure design. As a result of our collaboration with professional custom builders, a simple, clean structure and independent component design has become a reality on our Sport Heritage motorcycles so that anybody can take their bike further to make it into their own unique style.

Thanks to clever new design and simple construction with all unnecessary parts removed the XJR is also easy to customize at home. How far you want to go is up to the customer. 

The new XJR1300 is available in Power Blue, Matt Grey and Midnight Black from December onwards.

New XJR1300 Racer
Just as Keino’s Rhapsody in Blue inspired the new XJR1300, so the collaboration in 2013 with Deus Ex Machina on the beautiful XJR1300 Eau Rouge inspired the new XJR1300 Racer*. The all-new Yamaha XJR1300 Racer is a custom twist based on the all-new XJR1300 machine. The iconic street bruiser gets a genuine Café Racer look with a number of beautifully crafted additional parts to create a stunning retro styled machine to raise the pulse on the street.

Authentic Café Racer style
A cool carbon cowling and short carbon front fender pay homage to the iconic café racers of the seventies whilst period style clip-on handlebars are used to deliver the correct riding position. The beautiful and sporty styled solo-seat design is further enhanced with a carbon seat cover to complete the look. The riding position is more focused than the standard XJR giving a genuine Café race style with a narrower, more forward sportier feel.

The 2015 XJR Racer is an evolution of a classic. The 1300cc naked street machine on which it’s based stays true to its ‘Japanese Performance Classic’ origins with a functional, simple design and the largest displacement in line 4 air cooled engine on the market as its beating heart. The Racer is available in the full range of 2015 XJR colors.

The 2015 XJR Racer sits proudly in the sportiest side of the Sports Heritage Range, continuing Yamaha’s drive to deliver beautiful and emotional motorcycles that remain functional even in daily usage.

* The XJR1300 Racer is a special edition built up by an official Yamaha dealer with genuine Yamaha parts.
2015 XJR1300 Racer features
· Carbon cowling
· Clip-on handlebar
· Carbon short front fender
· Aluminium front fender stay
· Carbon passenger seat cover

Take your XJR further
Yamaha have prepared plenty of bolt-on genuine accessories for the 2015 XJR1300 and XJR1300 Racer to help customers realise their personal style. They can also take inspiration from the many ready-made custom pieces from our Yard built collaborators.

2015 XJR1300 / Racer accessories
· Black Akrapovic slip-on muffler
· Sport screen
· Fly screen
· Led indicators
· Custom narrow handlebar
· Roller protectors
· Multiple soft luggage options
· Handlebar end mount rear view mirror kit
· Custom rear set
· Leather fuel Tank band
· Machined billet front sprocket cover by Rizoma
· Machined billet injection cover by Rizoma
Machined billet pegs by Rizoma'