BMW’s R nineT GS

Latest BMW concept is ‘G/S meets R nineT’

WHAT do you get if you cross It’s just been revealed as a BMW concept at the Wheels & Waves custom bike festival in Biarritz, France. That’s where BMW first revealed the R nineT Scrambler, also as a ‘concept’ – so there’s a good chance we’ll see a production version of this GS-themed derivative at bike shows this autumn. The firm says it’s ‘BMW G/S meets BMW R nineT’ - a new variant of the popular 1170cc air-cooled boxer-twin heritage model but with G/S-inspired styling revisions. The windshield, headlamp, high mudguard, large tank and short seat are all designed to evoke the 1985 Dakar-winning G/S, BMW says. It’s also got longer suspension travel, wire-spoked wheels, studded tyres and a similar white and red paint scheme to the championship-winning bike, as well as the same competition number: 101. It’s called ‘Concept Lac Rose’, after the rose-coloured Retba salt lake, where the Paris-Dakar rallye finished. In case you’re wondering, one thing it doesn’t seem to have taken from the G/S is any real off-road ambition. Edgard Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad, said: “Essentially the bike is a cool and laid-back roadster with a few typical off-road features which allow you to leave the street and follow a dirt track into the unknown. “It is this combination of customising, coolness and unconventionality which make this bike so special.”


Supacool's picture

That is a nice homage to the original. Looks pretty sweet.

It's a cool looking bike but if you're buying BMW you'll usually be a practical soul... go for = posing + off-road

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I really (almost too much) like their K120 kit. I really don't like their prices though.

Rogerborg's picture

But waitng for aftermarket knobblies to be fitted is the perfect opportunity to get your beard styled.

Ah, it looks OK, although perhaps BMW have already hit Peak Hipster.

How come the new one doesn't have Playboy written across it?... or is that not hipstically correct?

Needs a 90/90-21 front wheel and 140/80-17 rear, but looks nice in any case.

I cant see your mates re naming it the lactose ! as in constipation relief,oh no never happen,i suppose the beardies will love it

Mr Farrell how do i close my account completely.i have just read the mollom privacy policy and i dont want them getting all my information.

Sorry, it's not just ugly; it's expensive and ugly.

See how they compare to the Jap stuff then.


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