BMW reveals self-balancing bike

Sadly, it’s just a concept for now

AS PART OF its vision of motorcycling in the future, BMW has revealed its latest concept bike – the self-balancing Vision Next 100, which BMW says stands for the ultimate riding experience.

Being a concept bike, the Vision Next 100 is replete with eccentric and innovative sounding design, the most obvious of which that sweeping, striking black triangle frame, which is intended to be a deliberate reference to BMW’s first bike, the R32. Curiously, it’s flexible and meant to allow the bike to be steered without the traditional headstock system found on most bikes – so turning the bars adjusts the whole frame.

And if you wondered where the suspension is, well, damping is taken care of by the tyres - the variable tread actively adjusts to suit ground conditions and provide the best grip. 

It’s self-balancing too, so at a standstill, there’s no need to put a foot down. BMW says the bike’s balancing systems will also work to ensure a light and agile ride.

The engine might look like the boxer lump we’ve come to associate with BMW but it’s a zero emissions electric engine. The engine also changes form as the bike moves and appears more compact when the bike is at a standstill, and larger once moving.

Information is given to the rider via a set of data glasses, controlled by the rider’s eye movements and the bike will give the rider alerts when action is needed.

BMW says it’s looking into the future more than ever before and its latest concept is designed to address what it believes people’s needs will be in about 30 years from now, based on the assumption that mobility will become ever more multifaceted and connected.

BMW says the Vision Next 100 will liberate riders from the need to wear a helmet and protective clothing so the rider can be in touch with his/her surroundings, which will mean ‘perfect synthesis between human and machine’.


BubbaDaytona's picture

So balancing a motorcycle is a problem somewhere?

Dan C's picture

Only intended for use after bee extinction.

dudeofrude's picture

"BMW says the Vision Next 100 will liberate riders from the need to wear a helmet and protective clothing"

What utter bullsh*t!!!
It may not fall over but what would happen when a car hit's you? That fancy display gonna save your head from getting caved in?

Also the law doesn't work that way. If that was the case I wouldn't have to wear a seat belt in my euro ncap 5 rated car.

I'm all up for the innovation of these things they just to leave the marketing bs out of it

Timbo87's picture

WTF did I just watch? I'm completely confused right now.

what happens when it rains?? or its cold or the onboard gyros and compter fails ouch!!!!!!!!!!!

Straxman's picture

I wouldn't get too excited about this its only a Concept Motorcycle.......... And how many actually make it to reality??? I would not venture out without protective clothing when riding irrespective of what the manufacturer states.

snave's picture

..there is no reason to too excited. In fact no reason to get excited at all.
Must be the `vision` of a drug-addled comic book artists who has never actually ridden a motorcycle. Not a real one, anyway.

Future planning requires:
1: making it better than previous generations
2: making it cheaper and more accessible than what went before
3: making it out of sustainable and recyclable materials
4: making it more practical than what went before

Sticking a `leccy motor in doesn't indicate the `future`. It merely highlights how everything else hasn't been thought out. At all.

Ergonomics suck chocolate salty balls. Big wheels slow steering and affect low and high speed stability. Gyroscopics can be used to enhance stability, but not agility. Mutually exclusive, me old Bavarian chums, unless you've now `visioned` a change in the Laws of the Universe. If you remove the need for protective clothing, then you've obviously managed all weather and road-use related issues as well - do please tell us how rain and cold will no longer affect the future-Beemer rider..?

Can we shut this nonsense down? It's insulting our intelligence and betraying the complete absence of theirs.
What next? Trying to persuade us that some knocked-together Taiwanese shit in the tens of thousands incorporates the build quality and manufacturing finish of German-built low-volume..?

Who do they think they're kidding?

BubbaDaytona's picture

German bikes are actually built better? LOL

Chocolate salty balls are delicious.

Stopped buying your bikes 20 years ago, looking forward to the entertainment over the next 30!

duck51's picture

Whoever penned this doesn't appear to understand what a motorcycle is or why we ride them. In fact, they appear to be totally out of touch with reality let alone the world of motorcycling.


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