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What do you want to know about the new Kawasaki Z1000SX?

Because we’re riding it tomorrow

MANGE TOUT! We’re in France for the launch of Kawasaki’s updated Z1000SX.

We’ll be riding it tomorrow and we want to know if there’s anything specific you want us to tell you about this latest version of Kawasaki’s best-selling sports tourer – so let us know in the comments.

The presentation is set to begin very shortly, so we’ll soon have a lot more detail on the bike, but here’s a quick recap of some of the changes Kawasaki’s made to this new version:

The 2017 Z1000SX has gained significant technological upgrades thanks to an inertial measurement unit, so it now boasts lean angle-sensitive traction control and cornering ABS.

To help in the comfort stakes, Kawasaki says the seats are more deeply padded as well, and the fairing is wider for better wind protection. It’s also got an adjustable double bubble screen.

Click here for our news story on the new Kawasaki Z1000SX when it was unveiled at Intermot and click here for our first ride review of the current model.


Gaz66's picture

Hi I had one a year ago and the seat was the worst think I have ever has on a bike a plank of wood would have been better, so the question is after 150 miles can you still move your legs or does it feel like Stephen Fry has just got his extra large paddle out and give you a Dam good thrashing?

It will be good to see a long term test on sports tourers and adventure bikes with luggage and two up, to be fair not may bike testers do test two up on anything other then the big tourers.

OK funny on 125's and super sports bike

Enjoy your trip in France all the best.

PS: I got rid of the Z1000sx for a BMW S1000xr and for the money the Z is a great bike but the BM is just in another league in all respects not least in the wallet department. ;-)

snagzie's picture

I've always been put off by the weight of the existing model. I need a reason not to get a S1000R with a decent screen.

snagzie's picture

It's 235kg kerb mass (so fueled) with a 19 tank. Doesn't sound promising. It's already up on the kawa website

So sorta ZZR1100 weight but mysteriously 30mph slower and presumably drinks petrol and has a much smaller tank. There's progress for ya. /facepalm

My question tonight is... what'll it do, mister?

HogSpace's picture

No 1 reason I dumped my SX? pathetic 4000 service interval. Seems to be a common Kawa scam. For some reason I didn't ask before buying duhhh. That was a service every 12 weeks ffs, this here KTM is 12,000 miles.
These bikes are just for weekend poseurs.

Not to mention an awful seat and the worst headlights of any new bike.

ZZR 1400, ZX10, ZX6/636, Z1000(SX) VERSYS 1000, Z800/750
4000m £135.00
8000m £185.00
12000m £189.00
16000m £185.00
20000m £159.00
24000m (Valves) £299.00

BubbaDaytona's picture

without something major breaking.
And I hope your oil is changed more than once every 12,000.
Also, I seriously doubt you ever owned an SX.
I know owners at over 100K on these bikes with minimal maintenance.

dudeofrude's picture

Starting to just look like a zx10r with high bars? Can't decide if that's a good thing or not?

I have a 2016 and invested a lot of money into making it comfortable for my (rather rare) passenger. Here are some of the issues the passenger has had:
1. Can't reach the grab handles properly. She needs to crouch to get to them.
2. Crouching to reach the grab handles, the back starts acking fast.
3. The bottom starts hurting fast for both riders. Can you ride for longer than 1h? How about the passenger?
4. No side cases & top box from factory - this means no back support for the passenger. Has this been addressed?

Here are some of my issues:
1. The lights are useless in the dark. If they're fixed, how good are the lights in the bends?
2. Is the windscreen any good?
3. How is the knee/leg wind protection?
4. You cannot fit anything under the passenger seat. Specifically, a bike cover will not fit. Has this improved?
5. The back brake is rubbish. Have they fixed it?
6. Is Cruise Control an option?

All the best, thanks for considering taking questions before hand.

BubbaDaytona's picture

is that they not use the grab handles.

busker's picture

The natural competitor.
Specifically, comfort and wind blast on motorway and general excitement elsewhere.


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