Super Soco charging ahead in the two-wheeled electric race

Now the UK’s fastest-growing powered two-wheeler brand, Super Soco has begun leading the charge for electric sales of scooters and motorcycles.

super soco electric sales booming in uk

SUPER SOCO has enjoyed a fruitful 2021 so far, with their April sales accounting for 50% of electric powered two wheel registrations in the UK, and in the process becoming the fastest growing brand on two wheels. 

The all-electric firm also represents a third (at 33%) of total ePTW (electric powered two wheelers) registered in the UK in 2021.

Super Soco TC Max (2021) Walkaround | Electronic Motorcycle | Visordown

As a bit of background, PTW sales, on the whole, have increased 570% when compared to 2020 - admittedly a stat slightly padded by the fact people stayed in doors for the most part - but when compared to 2019, total sales have still increased by 10.7%. 

A large part of this success is attributed to the Super Soco CPx.

First launched in 2020, the 125cc equivalent CPx e-scooter has become a top option for commuters and is so far in 2021 the eighth best selling PTW overall - if you were curious, depending on how many batteries you opt for the price is £3,599 (1 battery) or £4,699 (2 batteries). 

As many commuters begin returning to offices and consider alternative modes of transport, travelling by two wheels starts to become an attractive option - at least, far more than being sardined into a metal tube for an hour or more a day.

Super Soco electric sales booming in UK

Solo transport (and in particular electric) is beginning to prove a sensible, eco friendly, and cost-effective means to travel - plus you can all but guarantee you’ll be arriving with a grin on your face. 

Keep an eye on Super Soco going forwards, we tried out the TC Max and it’s a brilliant option for a city commuter who wants a bit of style on the roads.

Richard Jordan, CEO of Super Soco UK

“We are obviously thrilled with the latest registration statistics and see this as a pivotal moment for both the ePTW market and for Super Soco in the UK. We launched in the British market in 2017, so in the space of just four years we’ve gone from a relative unknown to the fastest growing ePTW brand with a dominant portion of the market share. 

“To be in the top ten best-selling PTWs overall, outselling some of the really big names, is quite something for an electric brand. We’re very proud of the achievements, but we won’t be resting on our laurels now. We’re seeing a really positive trend in the electric sector and we’re confident that if we continue on this trajectory, we’ll see sales in excess of 1000 units by the end of 2021.”

There’s plenty of electric motorcycles and scooters appearing, like the DAB Motors teased electric motorcycle and Husqvarna E-Pilen, it’ll be interesting to see if Super Soco can cement their name at the top of the charts long term.