New Caberg Riviera V4 X jet motorcycle helmet launched

The Caberg Riviera V4 X represents the latest addition to Caberg's motorcycle helmet line, with ECE 22.06 certification and various visual choices.

Caberg Riviera V4 X Muse

The Caberg Riviera V4 X is the latest jet-style motorcycle helmet model from the Italian brand, aimed at urban riders who also wish to venture outside the city from time to time. 

First off, it is important to note that, despite its relatively simple appearance, the Caberg Riviera V4 X comes with ECE 22.06 certification, the latest and highest standard for motorcycle safety equipment. The certification is also applicable with the installation of the Caberg Pro Speak Evo intercom system.

Inside the helmet, the Riviera V4 X uses fabrics which are removable and washable, as well as breathable. There is also a steel ring on the helmet to allow for it to be attached and secured to the motorcycle.

The large visor, which is backed up by a sun visor and Caberg's Double Visor Tech system, designates this as a jet-style motorcycle helmet, indicates its partial designed intent to be ridden also outside the city, and at higher speeds, compared to a more traditional open-face helmet. With this in mind, the Riviera V4 X also features characteristics to reduce the impact of air resistance at higher speeds, including the visor itself. Ventilation has also been implemented, with a single intake on the upper part of the shell, and two exhaust vents at the rear.

Weighing in at 1.15kg (+/- 50g depending on size), the Caberg Riviera V4 X is available in two different shell sizes, which have three sizes each. The small shell covers XS-M sizes, and the large shell covers L-XXL.

Seven single-colour options are available, as follows: “Matt Black”, “White”, “Matt Anthracite”, “Matt Yama Blue”, “Matt Light Blue”, “Matt Military Green”, and “Matt Red”. There are also the ‘Geo’ and ‘Muse’ graphic options. The Geo graphic is available in four different colours, while the Muse graphic is available only in the small shell sizes (XS-M).

The graphic options also increase the price. Where the single-colour Caberg Riviera V4 X costs €119.99 (£104.15 at time of writing, May 2023), the Geo and Muse versions come in at €149.99 (£130.19 at time of writing).

Visit the Caberg website to find out more.

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