Caberg announced motorcycle intercom partnership with Midland

Caberg has worked with its fellow Italian company, Midland, on its Pro Speak Evo motorcycle intercom system which is available in many of its helmets.

Caberg Pro Speak Evo

­Caberg has officially announced a partnership with Midland, with which it has created its motorcycle intercom system, Pro Speak Evo.

Caberg’s Pro Speak Evo intercom system is already available in a number of its helmets (Levo X, Horus X, Duke Evo, Duke X, Tourmax X, Drift Evo, Avalon X, Riviera V4 X, and Flyon II) but it is only now that the official announcement of Caberg’s collaboration with Midland on the system has arrived. Midland was established in Italy in 1959, launched its first motorcycle intercom in 2008, and “makes safe communication its primary objective,” according to a Caberg press release.

Pro Speak Evo features noise suppression, ‘universal intercom’ allowing for communication with an intercom system of any brand, compatibility with the integrated control systems of the motorcycles of manufacturers such as KTM or Ducati, and ECE 22.06 certification. 

Additionally, it can last for eight hours on a single charge, and can be fully recharged in two hours.

Gabriele Torreggiani, Midland Europe Vice President, commented: “In recent years we have worked closely with representatives of Caberg, with the sole objective of allowing motorcyclists from all over the world to fully experience the joy of ‘communicating’ safely and comfortably while riding.

“Together we will in fact guarantee a better ride experience for all motorcyclists, responding to the need to communicate in an increasingly transversal and open way to all, without compromises and without technological limits.”

Virginia Capelli, Managing Director of Caberg, said: “Being able to deal with an Italian and professional company like Midland was an excellent opportunity for our company. The continuous contact between our technicians and Midland technicians has thus allowed us to market a versatile and practical product to communicate in complete safety during our customers' travels. 

“We are sure that this is the first step of a new collaboration that will allow us to offer the market further products that are safe and easy to use by all motorcyclists in the coming years.”  

Visit the Caberg website to view its 2023 motorcycle helmet range.

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