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Ducati SuperSport

WE’RE RIDING the new Ducati SuperSport and SuperSport S tomorrow, so – whaddya wanna know about it?

No matter what kind of minute detail or odd -quirk you want to know about, just leave a comment below or fire off an email to and I’ll be sure to answer your query in my written review.

Ducati’s new SuperSport was first spotted in July 2016 when a picture of it found its way out from a private viewing at World Ducati Week. The bike was formally unveiled at the Intermot show in Cologne towards the end of last year.

Ducati is pitching the SuperSport as a versatile sports bike – something that’s more comfortable and accessible than a Panigale, more suited to town riding and motorway work, while retaining the capacity to excite on a twisty stretch of road and on the occasional track day.

The engine is the same 937cc Testastretta V-twin that’s the Multistrada 950 and Hypermotard, making 113hp, with an electronic package that include three riding modes (Sport, Touring and Urban) and Ducati’s traction control system.

The S model gets tricker, fully-adjustable Ohlins suspension, plus Ducati’s DQS quickshifter for clutchelss gear changes up and down the 'box.

Prices are: £10,955 for the standard bike, £12,295 for the S in red and £12,495 for the S in white.

Look out for a full first ride review coming soon.


BubbaDaytona's picture

Ducati insists on over-priced rubber bands and antiquated valve systems, what's the _real_ 5 yr cost of this bike?

Richard Gilbert's picture

I read in some launch blurb that this bike is smooth. This suggests to me they mean they have addressed engine shudder and clatter under 5000rpm that every Ducati except the Panigale has. Is there shudder?

Joe VanDuyn's picture

Will the SS have cornering ABS? It seems unclear. Also, how much will the Touring and sport packages cost?

The L twin engine in Multistrada 950 was noted as lacking a bit of excitement by another publication. How does the engine suit the Supersport in terms of excitement?
Some details about mid corner stability and comfort for long rides on not-so-perfect roads will be appreciated

busker's picture

Multistrada 950 is also an option for upright but sporty. Which one makes more sense as an all rounder? Pillion options?

SOUNDBITE's picture

I’d love to have the chance to own a sexy looking Duke but daunted at the prospect of riding an object of torture as opposed to desire. Perhaps I’m mistaken but I see the new SS as a glamorous alternative to the VFR or Z1000SX? How does the riding position compare? Is it more extreme? Could you tour on it without your back and wrists fusing into clumps of callus tissue, followed by a lifetime of cortisone injections?

Chris Hart 2's picture

All people like myself would want to know is do you see it as a practical bike. I'm sure it can handle itself in the corners and all that, but no-one is going to do 150mph or wheelies on a daily commute. How well planted is the bike at 70-80mph, what are the stock tyres like, is the clutch too heavy for extended town/city riding? also how tractable is the engine? i.e. does it transition well from town riding to 'country lanes' hopefully you can fit that all in ;)

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