Kawasaki has a ‘retrovolution’ coming - could it be the Z650RS?

Just as rumours build on a potential Kawasaki Z650RS, a mysterious trailer gives a possible ‘green light’ to the retro motorcycle. 

Kawasaki announces that a Retrovolution is coming

Kawasaki must be keeping a keen eye on rumours, mustn’t they? The day we post about rumours building of a Z650RS being in the works, a mysterious ‘retrovolution’ trailer appears on YouTube…

Titled ‘Retrovolution is coming’ with a literal merging of the words retro & evolution at the end, two riders are seen grinning at each other on two unidentified riding objects before a green light flashes and… end scene. 

So nothing really happens in the video, it’s 15 seconds long and reveals absolutely nothing about anything, merely serving as a placeholder for a future reveal. BUT it does give a ‘green light’ for us all to continue chatting about what it could all be about!

My ego is telling me that they were waiting for the chatter to reach fever pitch, and our article was the straw on the camels back before they pressed ‘upload’ - but it’s far more likely to be a coincidence.

What could this Kawasaki Retrovolution be about?

With the latest Z900RS SE announced, and something like the H2 not quite fitting the bill for a retro revival, all signs fo point to the Z650RS. But at the same time, it could be something else entirely - perhaps even a brand new model line that nobody has thought of. New Kawasaki Scrambler, anyone?

Or… could it be an electric Kwak? Hybrid Kwak?

We’ll have to wait for more information, but with the motorcycle events season finally on the way back after a year-long hiatus (if you discount the virtual events), manufacturers will be certainly lining up their models for 2022. 

Keep it Visordown until then, maybe even check out some bikes that you need to ride before you die

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