Kawasaki to launch a new retro scrambler

A Kawasaki Italia spokesperson has let slip that Team Green are about to release a new W800 retro-styled machine, possibly a scrambler

w800 scrambler

THE new machine forms part of a potential five-model line-up of new metal on display this winter, making 2020 one of the most exciting launch seasons for Kawasaki in recent years.

The news comes from an interview with Motociclismo and Kawasaki’s Italian Sales and Marketing director Sergio Vicarelli. In it he confirms that “We will fix something and see it at EICMA 2019” when asked if the current Kawasaki line-up could handle another retro – alongside the current W800 and Z900RS.

He went on to say: “There is certainly room for another proposal, which we are working on. It will not arrive immediately but in a few years. It is a branch that we want to cultivate because there is value brand that represents the history of both the company and the motorcycle scene that we want to recover and pass on to new generations.”

From reading between the lines, it seems Vicarelli is talking about using the W800 as a platform for a possibly a scrambler of some sort. When he talks about a ‘branch’ the factory wants to ‘cultivate’, it’s not the café racer scene. That’s an itch already scratched with the W800 café racer and the Z900 RS. He then talks about a particular scene that represents the history of the company and motorcycling as a whole. Kawasaki has deep roots in the off-road world – past and present. Off-road riding is also a massive part of motorcycle history. Why would they not want to tap into that rich vein?

Finally, the scrambler style is no longer a niche anymore. It’s a full-blown scene in its own right and doing very well. You only have to look at bikes like Ducati’s Desert Sled, the Triumph Scrambler 1200 and Street Scrambler to see how lucrative the retro pseudo-off-road scene can be.

As ever, Visordown will be live at the show bringing you all the news and video. Stay tuned.