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How to…. Get tunes on your bike

Without it looking like this

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Submitted by Visordown on Mon, 14/08/2017 - 09:00

By Alan Dowds

IT'S not for everyone, but some of us like to alleviate the tedium of a 100-mile motorway jaunt with some banging music, or maybe an audiobook, or a favourite radio station.

But how best to manage it on two wheels? In a car, you just flick on the stereo and you’re away. On a bike, you need another solution. Here are our five favoured routes to in-helmet entertainment, starting with...

1. Custom earplugs

This is one of our favourite options – a set of in-ear phones, ideally custom-fit ones from a firm such a specialist like Ultimate Hearing Protection. There are also several cheaper options, like Koss The Plug earphones, which use a foam earplug-type design to seal into your ear canal. You can get home-brew silicone kits to make your own custom plugs too.

These in-ear phones keep wind and engine noise out, like normal earplugs, while letting you pipe sound in. You can use them with a sat-nav, an intercom, radio, MP3 – anything really, including your phone (remember you need your phone to be mounted in a hands-free setup to use it while on the bike).

The advantage is obvious – your music doesn’t need to be really loud to be heard over the wind blast, so your ears get an easier time. The disadvantage is also pretty obvious: you’re isolated more from the outside world, so need to take extra care not to miss hazards on the road.




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