Keanu Reeves has the best motorcycle collection in the world. Period.

With the release of Matrix Resurrections, we look at what all-around legend Keanu Reeves has locked away in his personal garage - and why he’s a legend!

Keanu Reeves motorcycle collection

Keanu Reeves is quite possibly one of the most legendary actors on the planet. He’s been in some terrific movies - the Matrix trilogy (now a… quadrilogy?), Point Break, Speed, John Wick, Bill & Ted… even starring in the virtual world in the video game Cyberpunk 2077!

But he’s not just an A-list actor. Away from Hollywood, Keanu has a nigh-on endless list of accolades underlining his credentials as an all-around legendary human being. A quick search online will tell you that, including gifting the John Wick 4 stunt team engraved Rolex watches, even cutting his own salary on set for the sake of others. Unheard of, really.

Coolest of all, realistically, is that on the last day of filming the first Matrix fight scene (post huge fight scene), Reeves gifted every single member of the 12-strong stunt crew a Harley-Davidson! It’s thought that the price of each bike ranged from $7,000 - $40,000!

This garage has a seriously impressive variety of classic models, limited edition runs and just outright cool motorcycles - as seen in a video interview with GQ

He chats about founding Arch Motorcycles with designer & builder friend Gard Hollinger, and covers the history of his then-current collection.

It’s a brilliant watch, covering how he got started on two wheels, and where he learnt to ride on set of a film in Munich - even how he swerved contractual clauses to not ride motorcycles when filming!

Before this article turns into a written shrine to the Canadian fella, let’s delve into his motorcycle collection - something that he clearly holds a deep-rooted passion for.

You’ll regularly see Keanu taking his passion for two wheels onto the screen too, with motorcycles finding their way into the plot in one way or another.

Keanu Reeves motorcycle collection

Kicking off his garage tour, past the Arch motorcycles, is the Norton Commando 850 (1973 Mk2A), the second bike he bought and one he had ‘a lot of fun with’. His first purchase was a Kawasaki 600 Enduro, and he’s followed it up with many other Nortons over the years. 

As quoted by MotorBikeWriter, Reeves has owned a Suzuki GS1100E, Suzuki GSX-R750, BMW R75/6 (1974), Kawasaki KZ 900, Harley-Davidson Shovelhead (1984) amongst many others that he has bought and sold whilst filming away from home. 

Imagine listing your bike on the local selling site for Keanu Reeves to be knocking at your door…

Tucked away in the garage is also the Ducati 998 (2004) from the Matrix Reloaded in a special ‘Matrix Green’ colour, and is a bike he is currently the ‘custodian’ for on behalf of the Wachowski’s. Interestingly, in the movie screens it appears to be the Ducati 996, but the 998 is in the garage.

Quick fact too, this Ducati is the bike that co-star Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) learnt to ride on for the film!

His track-specific stable includes a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, seen posted up next to Gard’s Yamaha R1 (in iconic Kenny Roberts speed block graphics) and a couple of colleagues Aprilia’s. His passion for bikes is more than just a side hobby, he’s quite literally obsessed - as are we all.

Of course, it goes without saying there’s a good few ARCH models in there too, the KRGT-1 and 1S to name but two hand-built machines with buckets of style.

It also appears Keanu boasts a custom El Diablo West Coast Chopper in his collection, one that harks back to his fascination with the Toronto motorcycle gangs which he says first turned his eyes to the two-wheeled world. 

So, all things considered, whether it’s on-screen or off, Keanu Reeves has one of the best motorcycle collections out there.

What a legend. We love Keanu.

I suppose this did turn into a written shrine to him - oh well.

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