MotoGP: Track limit detection system introduced for this year

First used in the Qatar MotoGP first round at the Losail International Circuit, a track limit detection system has been introduced. 

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NO more ambiguous decisions about track limits (well that’s the theory) as a new track limit detection system has been introduced by Dorna for use in the MotoGP. 

A new system with sensors on the track will hopefully increase the accuracy of judgments, in hopes to keep a level playing field for decisions on infringements - there will be no human error allowed, here!

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Race Director, Mike Webb, said in a Dorna press release:

“Track limit regulations are staying the same but what we’ve been working on all last year is an updated system to detect track limits. Dorna and timekeeping have been working on this last year, we’ve got a new system that has pressure senses on the track outside the kerbs, so we can detect very accurately when a rider has gone out of track limits. It’s a much more accurate system.

“So the rule stays the same but because the system is actuated a little differently to the cameras we used before, it means for the riders that if they go out of track limits, there’s immediately a signal. In the past we had to look at a camera image and make a judgement. Now it’s just in or out; it’s very accurate. 

“The difference for the riders or protocol is that now, one wheel out means out. In the past it was two wheels in the green, and is this two or one, how far out… no more of that judgment. Out is out and it doesn’t matter if it’s one wheel or two. It’s more accurate and it means it’s more fair for every rider, with a very clear view of who is in or who is out. The rule is the same, but the judgment is much more precise.”

The tech was first used in Qatar, and despite not being in the spotlight this time around, the riders will know to keep it extra smooth through the corners, if they can help it.